Two artists tackle the concept of preservation

Two artists tackle the concept of preservation

Two artists tackle the concept of preservation
Needlework on ceramic vase by Thanistha Nunthapojn. (Photo: La Lanta Fine Art)

Two upcoming Thai artists present their ideas of preservation through different artistic approaches during "Healing", which will take place at La Lanta Fine Art from Saturday to Aug 31.

Presenting objects of a fragile nature, Thanistha Nunthapojn and Praween Piangchoompu work in two completely different media -- needlework and printmaking -- to extend the lives of these objects.

To Thanistha, preservation means upholding the existence of objects. With an interest in mending and preserving intrinsic beauty, she deliberately works with broken ceramic objects such as ornate sculptures, vases, and plates. She delicately puts the broken pieces back together by sewing them up with a thread.

The intertwined metallic strands weave through the fractured surface while bonding the breakages to recreate a complete form. Her work draws parallels of hard and inflexible versus soft and delicate qualities in the same object.

As for Praween, he preserves the beauty of objects for sentimental reasons rather than material existence. In his intricate woodcut printing, he intends to keep the memory of the object alive with its contextual surrounding.

A woodcut print by Praween Piangchoompu.

Known for his subtle and soft-coloured woodcut technique, he orchestrates the setting of his objects with atmospheric light. His artwork captures the image of objects at its best. Even though the actual object is gone, the pleasant memory is lasting.

The gallery is on the 3rd floor of N22 Art Warehouse on Narathiwat Ratchanakharin 22 and opens Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm. The exhibition can also be viewed at

For an advance appointment, visit or call 02-050-7882.

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