Are we destroyers or creators?
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Are we destroyers or creators?

Are we destroyers or creators?
Artist Thaiwijit Puengkasemsomboon.

Seasoned artist Thaiwijit Puengkasemsomboon has long been recognised for abstract expressionism, both as a painter and a sculptor, making his work all the more alluring when he decides to raise awareness as he has done in his latest exhibition "One Generation Plants The Trees, Another Gets The Shade".

The show, running at Warin Lab Contemporary Gallery from today until Sept 15, presents a hypothesis of the root cause of the air pollution issue, brought on by forest fires, in northern Thailand.

He showcases these predicaments via artistic expressions that originate from personal experiences of residing in areas most impacted by poor air quality and the health hazards that accompany it.

As always, his work incorporates his interest in scrap materials. While repurposing them, Thaiwijit also offers a new meaning to these items, continuing to raise the bar when it comes to showcasing abstract expressionism.

Thaiwijit utilises cardboard from air conditioner boxes to build a series of posters campaigning for the end of agricultural burning in open spaces. Through his figurative functional sculpture, the prolific artist suggests that the public can eliminate air pollution by storing dry leaves instead of burning them.

Thaiwijit's characteristic rhythm of colours, lines, shapes and compositions creates above all spontaneity, aesthetics and freedom of expression -- all of which direct us to the language of modernism. Apart from his remarkable abstract paintings, he experiments in 3D artwork.

Artist Thaiwijit Puengkasemsomboon. (Photos courtesy of Warin Lab Contemporary)

Thaiwijit's sculptures are recognised for their fluid form which almost seems to be animated while at times look like they have mechanical properties. This style of design is a particular feature of his works over the past several years.

The Thai artist is largely inspired by primitive art, art brut (raw art) and native African art. Most of his sculptures showcase a combination of one type of material such as stone and cement or wood and steel. Without altering the substance of the medium, whether it be cement or iron, his sculptures reveal the intrinsic look of their base materials.

Artist Thaiwijit Puengkasemsomboon. 

Thaiwijit's message is clear in his work in "One Generation Plants The Trees, Another Gets The Shade" and that is if we are of the generation that plants or cuts down trees and that everyone can do their part to make a difference in addressing environmental concerns that dog our existence.

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