Greenpeace invites volunteers to join fight against plastic pollution

(Photo courtesy of Greenpeace Thailand)

Greenpeace Thailand is looking for individuals to join the "Plastic Audit Volunteer Leader" project, which offers free training to those wishing to contribute to the fight to end plastic pollution.

The training is aimed at producing a group of volunteers who fully understand the problem of plastic pollution and can come up with a communicative approach that creates changes, design new projects and effectively campaign against single-use plastic in a constructive fashion. They are expected to be able to organise community activities to reduce plastic waste in their own area.

Only 25 persons will be selected to join the training, which will be conducted in Thai on four Saturdays from Oct 2-23 via Zoom. They will learn about basic knowledge on plastic, brand auditing, data storytelling and activity management. Those who complete the training will receive a certificate from Greenpeace.

Eligible candidates should be between 18 and 35 years old, have an interest in environmental issues (especially on plastic waste) and be able to join a waste collecting and plastic brand auditing activity with Greenpeace.

Applications should be made by next Monday. Successful candidates will be announced on Sept 24 through email and via


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