Fairytale forests tell of preservation
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Fairytale forests tell of preservation

Fairytale forests tell of preservation
Italian artist Delfina Scarpa with some of her work. photo courtesy of David Bernardini projectdb.it

Italian artist Delfina Scarpa's solo painting exhibition "Breath" rekindles a desire in us all to preserve our natural environment.

Housed at the gallery Warin Lab Contemporary from Dec 4 to early February, her artwork offers a fresh perspective on an age-old topic that has yet to receive the importance it is due.

Scarpa, who studied sculpture before discovering herself as a painter, will be showcasing her work through mixed media on canvas and mixed media on paper, as she takes the audience on a journey to view nature at its best, calling it a fairytale forest.

As you trek through her exhibits, you get to view nature at its best, pretty blossoming flowers with their vivid and intense colours dispersed in the air create a sense of well-being.

The 28-year-old's collection is reminiscent of children's fairytales and scenes that were narrated to her as a child and that she created with her imagination.

The family nest, for which she uses wood, becomes an integral dimension of her work that feeds on memories, childhood reminiscences, dreams and archetypes.

The archetype is precisely the element that brings together all of us as human beings, says Scarpa, despite cultural differences, age and origin.

The wonders of nature, lush forests and an intact ecosystem, reminiscent of the beginning of the world, are what the Italian artist endeavours to achieve here.

By emphasising the need to have nature take back its leading role Scarpa encourages us to strive to protect it by showing just what we are missing out on if we don't.

Her work is a reminder of how in the name of economic productivity humans have exploited our natural world, and that there is hope to set things right.

Scarpa's message is crystal clear: preservation of our natural resources is everyone's responsibility. She uses the medium of artistic language to address the theme of the environment from a spiritual point of view to add the impact it needs to reach people at the core of their being.

This agenda has to be taken up by everyone she says because people's archetypal values are lost when there is a clear and blatant disregard for our natural environment. Thus, Scarpa reminds us that nature preservation is a win-win situation because it is essential for our well-being.

For more information, call 083-095-2028 or e-mail info@warinlab.com.

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