Local X Truffle inspired menu & VIVIN grocery gift baskets

Local X Truffle inspired menu & VIVIN grocery gift baskets

Enjoy the best of both worlds with Local Products X Italian Black Truffle this Festive Season at VIVIN Grocery 2021

Local X Truffle inspired menu & VIVIN grocery gift baskets

VIVIN Grocery, a grocery which prides itself on local, artisanal, organic and natural grocery products and meals, brings a premium Italian touch to its 2021 Festive Menu with Italian Black Truffle.

VIVIN Grocery celebrates the “reopening” of Thailand with Festive Season Specials, highlighting a Local Products x Italian Black Truffle, including a LocalxTruffle inspired Festive Grocery Specials & Festive A La Carte Menu for December, along with a Festive Set Menu on 24, 25 and 31 December 2021. 

Local products and exceptional imports include Thai-made Chalong Bay Rum with French Foie Gras Liver and local Thai cow cheese, and Molène Truffle 10% Italian Black Truffle. In December diners can enjoy a full-blown Local X Truffle experience with VIVIN Grocery signature dishes and new ones created specially.

Christmas Chocolate Log is available for pre-order and new Local Boudin Blanc (white sausage) and Boudin Blanc Truffle 5% are available as grocery specials. 

The “VIVIN Grocery Corporate Gift & Gift Baskets” are the perfect festive gift, whether a set gift basket or customised according to taste.  

Meanwhile, NOT-A-TOMAHAWK CÔTE DE BŒUF — “Pay for meat not bone“, comes as a large oven-roasted Côte de bœuf 1.1 to 1.2 KG until succulent and juicy, served with kampot pepper, jus and herb butter sauces and finished with roasted garlic. Fit for 2-4 persons and available by pre-order only. Add-on foie gras for Rossini style or truffle!  

Plus the All-Thai Cheese Buffet and More at VIVIN Grocery Festive Edition with Truffle Molene and Truffle Foie Gras.

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