Make your next trip pay off
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Make your next trip pay off

Make your next trip pay off
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Now that domestic travel is possible, the time is right to get off the beaten path and discover the full charm of Thailand once again., a leading digital travel platform, is holding "Community First: A Mini-Contest With", which invites Thais to wander and share their journeys to support local tourism in Thailand via their social media accounts and stand a chance to win a trip with worth 55,000 baht.

According to Travel Predictions 2022 research commissioned by, 83% of Thai travellers said "yes" to any vacation so long as their budget allowed for it, with 74% of them agreeing it's important that their trip is beneficial to the local community at their destination as well.

Whether you're planning to revisit previous destinations to indulge in some nostalgia or just want to showcase an upcoming destination to support tourism in a particular community, the mini-contest is an easy way for you to win the reward.

Just travel in your own style and share your recommended trip on your public Facebook or Instagram accounts with hashtags #bookingcom #Thailanderlust until Dec 31. Your post can be in the form of an album post or video.

The best Thai travel trip that catches the attention of Thailand and topnotch travel influencers, namely Kormornor, Megamaxx Journey, HashCorner, Wheregugo, Lost Somewhere Together, and Wherever I Go, will win a grand prize trip worth 30,000 baht.

The first runner-up will be awarded a trip worth 15,000 baht and the second runner-up worth 10,000 baht.

The reward announcement will appear on the pinned comment under the post of travel influencers on Jan 6.

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