Megabangna food fest awaits revellers

Megabangna food fest awaits revellers

Megabangna food fest awaits revellers
A tiger lantern. (Photos courtesy of Megabangna)

Megabangna is welcoming the Chinese New Year by decorating its main entrance with beautiful colours and symbols that signify happiness, wealth, good health and fortune.

Held under the "Mega Shade Of Prosperity" concept, "Mega Wonderful Chinese New Year 2022" features a gigantic tiger lantern and 3D pop-ups of majestic animals that convey good meanings according to Chinese beliefs.

They include a lion, which symbolises auspiciousness, a dragon, which represents fortune, a crane, which promotes longevity, and koi fish, which signify abundance.

Meaningful flowers such as peonies also feature among the decorations as they are believed to attract wealth and prosperity.

Visitors are invited to pray for protection throughout the Year of the Tiger from the Tiger God statue which is on loan from Fujian province in China and worship Guan Yin (Goddess of Compassion), Marici Bodhisattva (Goddess of the Sun), and Toa Bo (Mother of Nine Stars and Tai Sui Ye).

Even though the event will wrap up today, food lovers still have until tomorrow to indulge in sumptuous street food presented by more than 60 legendary restaurants, at the Banking zone, on the 1st floor.

Dishes include wonton from Kiew Song Kreung, dim sum from Lang Juan restaurant, steamed chive dumplings from Mahanakorn, and Chinese food from Hia Ngei Yaowarat restaurant.

Visit or call 02-105-1000.

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