How do our choices affect others?

The experimental exhibition "12 Camels" shows how our lives can be affected by the decisions made by other people. It is running at Broccoli Revolution, Charoen Krung 42/1, daily from 11am to 8pm, until April 3.

Stools in the '12 Camels' exhibition. Photo courtesy of CASE Space Revolution

Held as part of the Bangkok Design Week 2022 which wraps up on Sunday, the exhibition features a collection of 12 three-legged stools created by 12 different cross-disciplinary teams ranging from architects, artists, craftsmen, designers and jewellery makers.

The project started in November when each team was asked to provide four stool parts (three legs and one seat) without any limitation on material and shape. All parts were then gathered and reassigned by a computer-generated randomiser.

The 12 complete sets of random stool parts were then redistributed to the participating teams for completion, which took six weeks starting early December. During the whole design process, no one had knowledge of the origins of the assigned parts or where their elements landed.

The exhibition is presented by Grains and Grams with the aim to create a micro reality where our choices, somehow, affect others, often without our knowledge. Similarly, our everyday existence is also the consequence of decisions made by someone else. The question is, to what extent can we apply control.

Participating teams include Achariya Rojanapirom & Ratthee Phaisanchotsiri, Bora Hong, Ease Studio, Meanwhile Woodwork, Nakornsang Studio, Nanu Youttananukorn, o-d-a, Phisanu Numsiriyothin, Rudee Tancharoen, Shed Studio, Sher Maker, and Torlarp Larpjaroensook.

There is no admission fee. Visit or call 092-424-4545.

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