Mexican film looks at love during time of revolution

Mexican film looks at love during time of revolution

Mexican film looks at love  during time of revolution
A scene from Arrancame La Vida. (Photo courtesy of River City Bangkok)

RCB Film Club is screening Arrancame La Vida (Tear This Heart Out), a Mexican drama that created waves at various film festivals, at the RCB Forum, 2nd floor of River City Bangkok, Charoen Krung 24, on Saturday at 4pm.

Based on a best-selling novel of the same title by well-known Mexican writer Angeles Mastretta, this is a story of politics, power, love, marriage and adultery set in the 1930s after the Mexican Revolution.

Directed by Robert Sneider, the movie centres around General Andres Ascencio who, with his energetic charm, dazzles Catalina Guzman, a young girl seeking to be free from her narrow, confined, rural life. She marries him, enjoys her life of luxury, and is smitten by his strong speeches and powerful personality.

But she soon realises that the freedom she looks for, is a pipe dream and that she's a mere pawn in his life. He's ambitious, ruthless, seeking power at all costs, including becoming governor of their state, Puebla, and later, even the presidentship.

She finds that she can longer be a quiet, loyal wife. Lonely and bored, she falls in love with an orchestra conductor who's also a leftist activist and has a passionate affair with him.

But she continues to lead the life of a politician's wife, bears him two children, matures and grows dramatically in stature. The general and his charming wife both play dangerous games, but for how long?

The movie won an Ariel Award in Mexico and was also the country's Oscar-entry.

The film is in Spanish with English subtitles. Mexican ambassador Bernardo Cordova Tello will introduce the film and host a reception after the screening.

Tickets cost 100 baht. A very limited number of seats is available. Email

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