Filmmaker Apichatpong puts his views on show

Artwork at 'A Minor History, Part II: Beautiful Things'. (Photo courtesy of 100 Tonson Foundation)

Thai filmmaker Apichatpong Weerasethakul offers a window into his points of view on the world around him during "Beautiful Things" which is running at 100 Tonson Foundation, until April 10.

The exhibition culminates "A Minor History", a two-part exhibition based on his cinematic project to portray the Isan region while contemplating the country's current political and social affairs.

On display is an installation of photographs taken during an Isan road trip in which he makes use of perspective to draw attention to memories, dreams, realities and everything between.

In some pictures, a vanishing point is used to create a realistic image of a hotel room interior, whilst in others, disparate images with a multi-point perspective are superimposed on the original images.

Apichatpong plays with perspective to present dramatic, overlapping or distorted images. He thereby questions what we see in these images in relation to reality and ponders the role of art -- painting, photography and cinema -- in revealing truth.

Also featured in the exhibition are artworks by two Chiang Mai-based young artists to remind us of the perpetual resurrection of Thailand's youth movements and the importance of people-power movements.

The exhibition gives a glimpse into his meditative musings on beauty, reality, knowledge, progress and revolution. He likens beauty to walking through the forest, being aware of other companions, and being in the presence of each and every living thing, witnessing their myriad expressions throughout the natural cycle.

For him, the awakening to a rumbling sound and the awareness of different views, struggles and desires to continue, as well as even of simply being in the present, are truly beautiful things.

100 Tonson Foundation is on Soi Tonson, Phloenchit Road, and opens Thursday to Friday from 10am to 6pm and 11am to 7pm on weekends.

Visit or call 02-010-5813.

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