Trio join for modern jewellery, ceramic show

Trio join for modern jewellery, ceramic show

Trio join for modern jewellery, ceramic show
A candle holder by Benedikt Fischer. ATTA Gallery

More than 100 contemporary art jewellery and ceramic items by three artists of different nationalities are exhibited together at ATTA Gallery until April 30.

This is the first time for Swedish artist Karin Johansson to have her jewellery displayed alongside ceramic works and wearable art by Austrian artist Benedikt Fischer and Thai artist Noon Passama, both of whom live and work in the Netherlands.

The collection comprises necklaces, bangles, rings, earrings and brooches as well as candle holders.

The exhibition is in a way a response to the pandemic during which family, friends and colleagues couldn't meet up as usual. The lockdowns and the closing of borders, even within Europe, had made it hard or even impossible for the three women to meet up in person during the past two years.

A necklace by Karin Johansson. photos courtesy of ATTA Gallery

They have known one another through their practices in contemporary jewellery-making and have been appreciating and admiring one another's creations.

Their relationships have been more than professional colleagues for quite some time after having their works exhibited together in the past in Munich, Germany (Karin and Benedikt), and Gothenburg, Sweden (Noon and Benedikt).

Even though they can't be in Thailand to introduce their works at the show due to the pandemic, their artistic creations are exhibited together, allowing local art lovers to witness their unique artistic expressions presented through their different concepts, technical methods and materials.

A silver bangle by Noon Passama. pichan.sujritsatit

However, one thing that can be seen in their practices is the love of exploration -- be it through their interests, forms or materials in realising their creations.

ATTA Gallery is located at Warehouse 30 on Charoen Krung 30 and opens Wednesday to Sunday from 1-6.30pm.

Email or call 061-861-6824.

A candle holder by Benedikt Fischer. ATTA Gallery

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