Hermès brings pop-up gym to Bangkok

Hermès brings pop-up gym to Bangkok

Hermès brings pop-up gym  to Bangkok

With creative flair, the Parisian luxury brand Hermès is challenging the fashion world in the post-pandemic era by opening a new gym, HermèsFit, where everyone can join in a fit, healthy and lavish lifestyle and also experience the house's fantastic range of accessories as well as silk materials. A few years ago, this fashion and fitness event globally toured in major cities such as Taipei, Shanghai, Paris and New York. Now, it returns to Asia and has a pop-up in Bangkok.

Decadently decorated in the house's signature orange with unique graphic motifs, the pop-up gym features a wide range of sports facilities such as a rock-climbing wall, a boxing ring with carré-printed punching bags, and a vibrant, round pingpong table with a silk carré motif on rackets. It also offers a chess-press station, complete with custom Hermès barbells and horse-shaped kettlebells, for the unconventional callisthenics course.

Besides the motif-inspired equipment, the gym space doubles as a photo booth to capture joyful movements when you discover offbeat sports from the world of Hermès' high-end jewellery.

"This global event, HermèsFit, is to let our audience understand that Hermès has a variety of items because when everyone thinks of Hermès, it is always luxury handbags and clothing. In fact, we use belts, neckties, sneakers and other new items in our daily lives. So we want to encourage everyone to exercise with our products that are suitable for Thai people's lifestyles," said Nualphan Lamsam, an honorary chairman at Saint-Honoré Bangkok.

There are five workout activities to get your heart rate up. Each session is taught by the house's lighthearted trainers, brightly dressed in head-to-toe orange. Through the 20-minute class, the coaches will guide participants to find their balance and true métiers.

After signing up for one of five fitness classes and putting your belongings in the orange lockers, you can practice working on your balance with hats or stretching with belts to test your physical agility and flexibility. In the carré-inspired yoga class, you can slowly unfurl an iconic silk scarf and strike a series of elegant poses.

Alternatively, you can do shadowboxing with enamel bangles that add litter weight to your arms. With eye-catching styling details, these bracelets will raise the bar of radiance and make you feel glamorous when they move with your kicks and punches. After a light workout, visitors can sit back and relax with live music performances at the central boxing ring, which the DJ will transform into a dance floor for the evening.

Adjacent to this boxing area, the house's juice bar offers three healthy juice options to quench your thirst, boost the immune system and detox your body. Additionally, you can colourfully rejuvenate your skins with the 2022 spring/summer limited edition collection of matte and satin lipsticks Rouge Hermès at the beauty lounge.

The HermèsFit pop-up is open daily at CentralWorld Square until Sunday, with five fitness classes from 10.30am to 7.30pm. Reserve your spot on Hermes.com.

Photos courtesy of Hermès Thailand

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