Get a summer vibe at Siam Discovery exhibition

Lively trees, blossoming plants and colourful butterflies are the backdrop of paintings on display during the "Summer Time" exhibition on the 1st floor of Siam Discovery, Rama I Road, until April 19.

Seaside Cafe by Terdtanwa Kanama. (Photo courtesy of Hypecartel Gallery)

Presented by Hypecartel Gallery, the exhibition has enlivened the trendy shopping mall with nine large-scale acrylic on linen paintings by Terdtanwa "Turn" Kanama whose art is like a tribute to children and the inner curiosity of humans.

Inspired by the bonsai the artist purchased, Bonsy emerged as a recurring character that appears as a curious best friend who goes on a journey with a boy and girl with real dreams and ambitions.

Terdtanwa has all his boy and girl characters donning tall, traditional golden headgear found in mural paintings as part of the country's cultural heritage.

In addition to using graffiti techniques with spray cans and markers, Terdtanwa also adds gold leaf embellishment by hand on all his artwork, the same material used on traditional mural paintings found in Thai temples.

The 27-year-old artist has taken inspiration from graffiti, streetwear and music alongside his real-life encounters of foster children with big dreams. He chronicles the unique journey in the transformation of himself and those around him in a playful way, conveying a sense of hope, empowerment and joy of chasing dream for a better life.

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