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Very often, the heart motif is used to represent love, affection and emotion. Not surprisingly, the heart shape is a timeless design for a classic piece of jewellery like a ring. In fact, the circular shape of this little trinket conveys eternity and purity. Accordingly, the ring symbolises the commitment between a couple in every era. However, the heart-shaped ring might be too plain for those who look for modernity and good luck in love. The fledgling jewellery brand Chi.Bkk adds a layer of elegance and complexity to its new romantic bijoux collection Eternal Love.

Originated from Ping Design, a 50-year-old silverware shop in Silom district, two sisters recently turned their old family business into Chi.Bkk, a new fashion boutique that now offers silver jewellery at a reasonable price. Every custom piece is discerningly designed by the brand's founders to be worn every day and intricately handmade by local skilled craftsmen in Thailand.

"Our jewellery can be worn on every occasion. The design is quite minimal so it can be matched with every look, every outfit, both casual and formal," said Jinjutha Chemcharatsin, the brand's owner.

Moreover, the brand's items are made of 92.5% pure sterling silver and free of nickel. This is suitable for those with very sensitive skin.

In the Eternal Love collection, there are eight classic rings and four ear cuffs in two models -- Infinite Love and Cross Eternity. With more simple, yet striking and sophisticated elements, both designs feature different twisted patterns to express different feelings of love.

Jinjutha explained: "Most people are familiar with the infinity sign. But the real meaning of this symbol has a deeper meaning than we expected. The general definition of this symbol is infinite and cannot be found. It also implies the completeness represented by the symmetry of the pattern on both sides. Other than that, the design is similar to the number eight which Chinese people believe is an auspicious number."

"At first glance, this Cross Eternity is similar to Infinite Love, but the pattern is different and has a deep meaning behind it. The crossover of the patterns conveys good luck because this pattern is similar to the crossed fingers that represent the cross. Thus, Westerners prefer to cross their fingers wishing for good luck."

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