Something in the air

Something in the air

Something in the air
A Peony By Any Other Name candle.

Whatever the space, aromatherapy promotes a pleasant ambiance.

Since the launch of its home fragrances in 2010, Panpuri defines candles and diffuser oils as aromatic essentials that set the mood, pretty much like lighting or colour schemes.

Recalling journeys to various places, the Voyage of Curiosities range is an exploration of scents, such as aromatic Bagan Dawn, woody Leather Hours, fruity Red Moon and fresh Andaman Sails, to enhance the home atmosphere.

The Thai beauty and wellness brand did not miss out on a floral composition, with A Peony By Any Other Name delivering aromatherapy through a perfumed candle and sachet.

With voluptuous petals and a sweet scent, the peony rules as the "King of Flowers".

A Peony By Any Other Name opens with notes of red berries and mandarin orange, followed by a heart of peony, rose and palmarosa, while earthy frankincense grounds the whole aroma.

The candle is a soy wax blend with natural and organic essential oils while the perfume sachet contains beads of natural volcanic stones and clay pebbles to slowly diffuse the fragrance for up to three months.

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