Iconsiam offers temple fair fun

Iconic Songkran Festival 2022 photo courtesy of Iconsiam

Iconsiam invites everyone to dress in traditional Thai costumes and enjoy many activities during the "Iconic Songkran Festival 2022" until Sunday.

The festival is divided into four major zones. This is a rare chance to pay respect and offer lotus flowers to a replica of the Buddha Metta statue, which was consecrated before the actual statue at Mahabodhi Temple in Bodh Gaya of India.

It is temporarily enshrined at the Rassada Hall, 1st floor, where the "Explore The Land Of Buddhism In The Metaverse" exhibition will take everyone to virtually visit four major Buddhist pilgrimage sites. Exclusively on Friday, a limited quantity of 100-year-old holy water from Luang Por Toh Promrangsi of Wat Rakhang will be given away.

The Charoen Nakhon Hall on the M floor is packed with traditional Thai dance and cultural performances from all four regions. There is a temple fair featuring fun games and delicacies, as well as workshops on how to make white cheesewood flowers (only today with limited seats from 11am), dried and fresh potpourri, and fragrant powder garland, and scented water.

Visitors are also invited to pour water onto Buddha statues on loan from four regions at Sooksiam, ground floor. There is also a procession of the statues daily at 2pm until Friday. A lot of refreshing menus are available also.

The River Parc has been transformed into a playground for kite-flying activities until April 24. Expect to see spectacular kites from four regions, a parade of giant decorated kites, international kites and the country's longest LED-lit squid kite. Also, have fun with kite-flying competitions, learn to create your own kites and learn some flying techniques from kite experts.

Visit iconsiam.com or call 1338.

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