Pirates Of Chemo offers message of love and humour to cancer survivors

(Photo courtesy of Bangkok Community Theatre)

Prepare to have a good laugh and also get sentimental during The Pirates Of Chemo, which will be staged at the Queen Sirikit Centre for Breast Cancer on Henri Dunant Road, from May 7-9 and 14-15.

This is a powerful dramatic comedy written a dozen years ago by Paul Schutte, a mechanical engineer-turned-playwright who was inspired by his friend's mother who was going through breast cancer therapy.

The story gives an intimate look at six women who share a diagnosis of breast cancer, all of whom are in various stages of treatment, recovery, and remission. They bond and band together in touching, and often hilarious, support of one another, pledging to live life to the fullest.

Schutte researched the disease by reading books and blogs of victims before he got down to writing the play. It reminds us of how the relentless spirit of the human condition responds to love and considers the idea that healing is different from cure.

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Also, it delivers his message that "cancer tries to bring you down. Laughter lifts you up. Fortunately, only one is contagious".

Presented by Bangkok Community Theatre, the production will be directed by theatre veteran Rick Pokrajen-Harmon. The showtime is 7.30pm on Friday and Saturday and 6pm on Sunday.

Tickets cost 500 baht (300 baht for students) and can be purchased from ticketmelon.com. For group sales, email tickets@bangkokcommunitytheatre.com or call 092-441-9056.

Visit bangkokcommunitytheatre.com.

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