Leica teams up with Thai artists for T-shirts

Leica teams up with Thai artists for T-shirts


Besides capturing impressive moments through the lens, Leica reflects creative lifestyle and fashion in a new series of limited-edition T-shirts in collaboration with famous Thai artists such as Kritsada Phakawatsuntorn and Deejai Kosiyabong.

Four designs are available for 1,590 baht at the Leica Store Bangkok, Gaysorn Village and the EmQuartier, as well as online. Each design is limited to 100 pieces.

"Leica photographers are usually fond of art, drawing, photography and architecture. This collaboration is a good opportunity to combine photography and fashion together on Leica Limited Edition T-shirts designed by renowned Thai artists," said executive Danai Sorakraikitikul of Leica Camera Thailand.

Kritsada offers three different collections. He is a portrait artist who specialises in capturing the emotions of the face. When there aren't any human objects, he goes deeper into the surface to make the drawing look realistic.

limited edition Leica T-shirts photos courtesy of Leica Camera Thailand

Limited edition Leica T-shirts. Leica Camera Thailand

limited edition Leica T-shirts Leica Camera Thailand

Launched last month, he started with "a skinhead of Leica logo" T-shirts, which were inspired by his initial experience of gazing out the window and seeing snow all over the place when living overseas. He had mixed feelings about it.

The second collection depicts "a face with a Leica camera" which is meant to convey cyborg futurism. He believes that after taking a photo, we have to place the camera on our face, giving him an impression of a human with both organic and biomechatronic body parts. His design also has the well-known Leica M.

The third design is "a hand holding camera lens". In this collection, the major element is hand posture. Many skilled photographers can relate to the delicacy of a hand touching an expensive instrument.

Finally, "a drawing of Ur-Leica" was created based on his penchant for Cuban collar short-sleeved shirts. This collection includes a layout of camera elements as well as drawing steps that are about the same size as the actual camera. The shirt becomes more playful once it is topped with a Leica camera.

To find out more details, add the Official Line account: @leicath.

Kritsada Phakawatsuntorn. 

Danai Sorakraikitikul. 

limited edition Leica T-shirts Leica Camera Thailand

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