Dive into the 'Petaverse' at Bitec
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Dive into the 'Petaverse' at Bitec

Dive into the 'Petaverse' at Bitec
Interactive robots for pets. Pet Expo Thailand

"Petaverse" is the concept for the "Pet Expo Thailand 2022", which will take place at Bitec Hall 103-104, Bang Na-Trat Road, daily from 10am to 8pm from Thursday to Sunday.

Organised by NCC Management and Development, the expo will feature more than 300 booths offering special prices on a variety of products and services from leading brands.

Besides pet food from Whiskas, Sheba, Temptations, Iams Cat and Royal Canin, it will bring medical supplies, food supplement products, pet hair nourishing products, clothing and accessories, toys for skills development, and technology for pet convenience.

Also available to provide their services will be pet spas, hotels, hospitals and clinics, as well as wellness centres. Pet wellness is now popular as it offers healthcare to pets in all dimensions including health check-ups, stress reduction and happiness building by utilising modern technologies on diagnosis and treatment to help extend the lifespan of pets.

Bengal cat. Pet Expo Thailand

The expo will also bring a range of innovative gadgets currently in high demand among pet owners. They include a smart collar that can detect their pet's pulse and heart rate, sleep quality, temperature and illness; a smart home security camera that can be watched in real-time through a mobile phone; a smart food dispenser and other cleaning tools.

A highlight will be the "Buddyverse" that uses digital technologies to take pet lovers to explore the digital world where they can create their own avatars and mingle with other pets.

This is also an opportunity to get up close and personal with adorable pets at many zones including silkie chickens, sun parakeets, Jacob sheep, pygmy goats, call ducks, rabbits, cavies, ferrets and prairie dogs.

English Angora rabbit. photos courtesy of Pet Expo Thailand

A number of exotic pets will also be displayed including albino crested porcupine, ring-tailed coati, Bengal cats, Mexican beaded lizards, colourful snakes, horned frogs, Isopods and tarantulas.

The four-day event will be packed with activities and fun games. Pet experts will be there to offer advices and pet influencers will show up with their favourite pets. The entry fee is 20 baht (free for pets).

Visit petexpothailand.net or facebook.com/PetExpoClub.

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