Top comedian shows artistic side at RCB show

Top comedian shows artistic side at RCB show

Top comedian shows artistic side at RCB show
Sculptures by Udom Taephanich. River City Bangkok

Actor, speaker and artist Udom Taephanich ventures into the art world for "I Need A Life Coach", which will take place at River City Bangkok's RCB Galleria 2, Charoen Krung 24, from Saturday to July 24.

A collaboration with Trendy Gallery, the exhibition will reveal the artistic side of Udom who earned his name as a top Thai stand-up comedian, but not many people know that he has a passion for art too.

While he pokes fun at life through stand-up, he found that art is the language in which he can narrate his personal stories. He can speak to anything he wants through art.

For him, there are no rules in his art world. It is like a large playground for him to have fun and experiment with different materials, colours and techniques.

Just like his comedy shows that bring laughter to audiences of all ages, his artworks are distinctive, straightforward, playful and full of confidence.

They also depict the different aspects of his personality.

He will bring to this show more than 100 art pieces created over decades. They include paintings and sculptures of monster statues. The statues were created so that their accessories can be switched. He created them for his own pleasure to reflect his boundless imagination and present his artistic freedom. His creations are like personal diaries and visitors are invited to find their own interpretations.

There is no admission fee. Visit or call 02-237-0077/8.

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