Rhapsody in blue

Rhapsody in blue

Panumas' new line inspired by the beauty of the sea

Rhapsody in blue
Panumas In Love Spring Summer 2022 collection. Panumas

Inspired by the beauty of underwater nature and shades of blue as well as the charm of ocean waves and sea breeze, fashion brand Panumas recently launched its new collection Panumas In Love Spring Summer 2022.

Panumas In Love is designed based on impressive moments during a diving trip which brings about an inspiration to create different patterns. The Blue Wave pattern, for example, is inspired by the ocean blue gradient while the Coral Wave pattern is a marriage between wave movements and the vibrant colours of coral reefs.

Other highlights include the Coral Panumas pattern whose inspiration comes from the intriguing shape and form of coral reefs. The Coral Panumas pattern is exclusively designed for this new collection.

Besides its passion for the deep blue sea, the brand also shows its effort to save the environment as seen in this collection where fabric totally recycled from plastic bottles is used.

Panumas In Love Spring Summer 2022 collection. Photos courtesy of Panumas

Being true to the essence of the fashion brand, Panumas In Love still features contemporary yet luxury style. Suitable for various occasion, the collection offers an array of outfits including but not limited to silk satin maxi dress, chiffon draped gown, denim cotton jumpsuit and silk chiffon draped gown.

Exclusively created for this collection are special items such as bucket hat, tote bag, calf-length fisherman pants and matching swimming suit.

Panumas In Love Spring Summer 2022 collection is now available via Panumas.com, Instagram: Panumas_official and Line@: @Panumas. Call 02-651-8080 for more information.


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