Converting plastic waste into timepieces

Converting plastic waste into timepieces

Converting plastic waste into timepieces
Maurice Lacroix and #tide beach clean-up activity in Phuket. (Photos courtesy of

Maurice Lacroix has implemented various activities under its Aikon #tide initiative in Phuket to make the Andaman Sea cleaner and to heighten awareness of how everyone can collectively contribute to ocean conservation and sustainability.

The collection of plastic bottles from the Andaman Sea, off the coast of Thailand, is a part of the Swiss watchmaker's long-term commitment to financially support the recovery of 10 million plastic bottles from the ocean.

Besides a beach clean-up, the brand is funding traditional longtail boats and their maintenance as well as employing locals to collect the plastic waste.

The recycling equipment and warehouse are also funded by Maurice Lacroix, with the first one built on Koh Chang in collaboration with Ranong Recycle for Environment.

The plastic bottles are sorted, shredded into flakes, washed and compacted close to the point of collection and then transported to #tide in Switzerland.

A specialist in upcycling ocean-bound plastic waste, #tide is the winner of the prestigious Swiss Ethics Award 2022.

At #tide, the flakes are compounded into smaller granules and then combined with an undisclosed formula, culminating in the upcycled plastic.

Glass fibre combined with the upcycled plastic results in a composite material, which is twice as hard as standard plastic, five times more resistant and has a carbon footprint significant less than the production of virgin PET.

The composite material is used to make the bezel, case, case back, crown, end-piece and buckle of the Aikon #tide watches, fashioned in vibrant colours and with the dials featuring a "Vague du Jura" motif as a reference to the ocean.

It takes 17 bottles to make one of the 40mm Aikon #tide watch, targeted at the new generation who value sustainability, affordability and notable style.

It takes 17 plastic bottles to make one Aikon #tide watch. 

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