Skincare regimen helps keep faces looking fresh
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Skincare regimen helps keep faces looking fresh

Skincare regimen helps keep faces looking fresh
The Gucci garden. (Photos © Gucci Beauty)

Gucci Beauty first focused on lips, dressing them in different shades and textures to transform the face. However the lip make-up will only better shine against a fresh and flawless complexion.

The Italian brand tends the skin through two new face make-up items featuring black rose oil rich in antioxidants that help counteract free radicals related to premature ageing.

The black rose oil teams up with moisturising jojoba and castor oils for the fragrance-free Baume Nourrissant Universel or Universal Nourishing Balm, also formulated with shea butter to address dryness.

Made totally from ingredients of natural origin, the silky and lightweight balm soothes the skin in multiple ways, and it can also used for lip care.

With a built-in mirror, the on-the-go compact has an aqua blue trim and intricate gold pattern. The lettering on the case-lid includes the poetic line "There is beauty in all things" written in French and English, as well as the Gucci logo and a flourishing illustration of a clam shell.

Finished with a gold trim, a transparent pastel pink glass bottle is for spritzing the hydrating Gucci Brume De Beauté or Beauty Mist.

The hybrid product contains soothing and protective ingredients, such as the black rose oil and hyaluronic acid.

Besides priming the skin for make-up application, it can also be used to set the make-up or to refresh the skin throughout the day for sustained hydration.

Gucci Beauty Mist infused with black rose oil. 

Gucci Universal Nourishing Balm with a silky texture.

Gucci Universal Nourishing Balm with a silky texture.

The two new products along with the black rose star in the campaign images set in the Gucci garden and shot by Mark Peckmezian.

The first campaign film by Max Siedentopf depicts a wacky science experiment with each element reflective of the ingredients in the balm and mist. The harmony manifests in the form of all the ingredients working together with a series of chain reactions, while jaunty music increases in speed as each reaction occurs.

The second film is a product application tutorial that whimsically features a song about the dewy Gucci skin.

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