SAC showcases art inspired by local culture

'Polychrome' exhibition. (Photo courtesy of SAC Gallery)

Colourful plastic is the major material for contemporary artworks on show during "Polychrome" at SAC Gallery, until Nov 19.

This is a solo exhibition by Kanchalee Ngamdamronk, a Thai artist specialising in design, weaving and craftsmanship. She creates a novelty out of plastics of various colours that she cut, sewed and formed through weaving, with collaboration by artisans from the local community, to create patterns and brought them back to create works of art.

This exhibition is, therefore, a dialogue from the exchange of experiences between the local culture and the artist in different aspects as presented through more than 30 different works.

They include mixed media art in the shape of a cushion inspired by the culture of Lamphun province, installation art created with artisans from Lisu ethnic group, textile art that is reminiscent of the language of painting, and 3D art that is applied from the science of printing.

The artist also combines other rarely-seen objects with local knowledge and skills, resulting in colourful geometric patterns hidden in the details of various works. It reflects a bond or a conversation that comes from cultural exchange.

SAC Gallery is on Sukhumvit 39 and opens Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm. There is no admission fee.

Visit or call 02-258-5580 ext 401.

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