Grab a drink and socialise virtually with Drinks On Me

Grab a drink and socialise virtually with Drinks On Me

Grab a drink and socialise virtually with Drinks On Me
(Photo: Thana Boonlert)

Drinks On Me is offering a virtual cocktail bar experience to users who want to chill out at home.

It was developed by Wasin Watthanasrisong and Chalipa Dulyakorn, who draw inspiration from I Miss My Cafe (, which is modelled on other websites that recreate the ambience of familiar places like bars and offices closed during the pandemic.

"We are naive tech builders who enjoy chilling and not-too-noisy cocktail bars. The atmosphere of people quietly chatting, bartenders actively preparing drinks and smooth jazz music in the background will never bore us. And we believe we can experience some of that over the internet with strangers as well. Hope you enjoy! The drinks are on us :)," says the website.

The virtual cocktail bar features a soothing creamy background and doodled lines and characters. You must put your nickname in a box and choose a drink from a wide range of options, each of which reflects different emotions such as relaxation and bitterness.

These recipes sound familiar because they are formed by blending two words together. For example, Open Mindjito, a combination of open-mindedness and mojito, comes to convey a fresh start. Solopolitan, a fusion of solo and cosmopolitan, is for the lonely soul. But I picked up Humanhattan, a union of humans and Manhattan, for feeling sad (poor me!).

You can fill out your friend's counter ID, but if you want to meet strangers, choose the chitchat zone. I chose a private zone, but it wasn't lonely because when clicking a smiley face above a chat room, a bot bartender will pick up a random question to start a conversation. You can hear a cocktail bar background noise.

A music button in the top left corner allows you to choose playlists from Spotify, including chill beats, sentimental R&B/hip-hop, or dim lights with lonely vibes. You can adjust the volume of chat, drink preparation and notification sounds.

Some users took to Twitter to hail the website for providing a healing space and giving them the opportunity to know people based on attitudes.

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