Learn sustainability at this exhibition

Learn sustainability at this exhibition

Learn sustainability at this exhibition
The 'Better Me' zone. photos courtesy of Thai Beverage

Kicking off on Monday at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, the "Sustainability Expo 2022" is a great opportunity to discover new innovations for a better world and learn about sustainable development from experts, until Sunday.

Organised under the theme "Sufficiency For Sustainability" by Thai Beverage, the week-long event brings together at least 50 international and domestic companies and 100 speakers from around the world to share their sustainability practices.

The main exhibition on the ground floor is divided into four zones featuring showcases of smart cities and green innovation, circular economy technologies, and inclusive and wellness community initiatives.

The "Sufficiency Economy Philosophy & Inspiration" zone shows how each organisation embraces King Bhumibol Adulyadej The Great's principle of Sufficiency Economy Philosophy as part of their sustainable development goals. Global policies and international initiatives from various countries are also exhibited.

Thai Beverage

Learn how we can contribute to creating a better future for our community in the "Better Community" zone which brings green and digital solutions by leading global tech companies and EV manufacturers.

Then, witness the practices of clean energy and responsible production and consumption by leading corporations in the "Better Living" zone that focuses on the circular economy concept.

The highlight is the "Better Me" zone, which gathers medical innovations and health trends. Discover ways to heal your mind, body and soul through innovative medical treatments and modern and accurate alternative medical solutions.

Experts and specialists will show how to use pencil robots to care for patients, how to prevent kidney diseases, and how to keep heart disease at bay. Learn 10 easy healthcare tips from doctor Amp from N Health and witness traditional massage to cure office syndrome, migraine and paralysis.

This zone also showcases future food, agricultural technology, innovations in production, processing and preparation of food and beverages, and many projects and initiatives to develop youth and promote entrepreneurship.

The expo also offers hands-on experiences in sustainable development in the three main sections on the LG floor. The "SX Food Festival" features sustainable food including plant-based and other low-carbon food and organic food as well as chefs' tables and a farmers' market.

Designed for pre-teen children, the "Planet Kids Playground" is packed with activities to promote a heart for sustainable development in young minds. Also, shop for community products, sustainable living designs and innovative products for a better environment at the "Sustainable Marketplace".

There is no admission fee. Visit sustainabilityexpo.com.

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