The House On Sathorn's new drinks are inspired by the history of the house itself

The House On Sathorn's new drinks are inspired by the history of the house itself

A new menu at The Bar at The House On Sathorn

The House On Sathorn's new drinks are inspired by the history of the house itself
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Cocktail connoisseurs and discerning drinkers will be treated to a nostalgic journey as The Bar at The House On Sathorn introduces all-new signature cocktails inspired by each period throughout the history of the magnificent 133-year-old neo-classical mansion.

The majestic structure, dating from 1889, first functioned as a private residence, a hotel by the 1920s and, from 1948 to 1999, served as the first Russian embassy in Thailand. "For this collection of new signature cocktails, we drew inspiration from within, the heritage mansion itself, from its beginning to the present. Each period's vibes and flairs are translated and re-interpreted in these signature concoctions," says bar manager Francesco Moretti.

From light and subtle, to bold and elegant, the menu features 20 signature cocktails and mocktails across four periods in the history of The House On Sathorn, with each section including four cocktails, one mocktail and two bar snacks.

Bar manager Francesco Moretti.

The Present uses Thai ingredients and flavour profiles, with the drinks showcasing nostalgic hints. Refresh the palate with the Aristocrat's Stone with Mekhong rum, Samui coconut, passion fruit, galangal and lemongrass served in a theatrical presentation, or find solace in the delicate yet potent L&L Martini with Roku gin, house-made longan and lychee cordial and floral fragrance.

The Embassy Row is a nod to the foreign embassies in the vicinity with cocktails crafted to evoke timeless international affairs. Try the The Envoy with Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla gin, strawberry and Oleo Saccharum cordial, or the elegant and classy Mr. Ambassador with Remy Martin VSOP cognac, jasmine rice, absinthe and Peychaud bitter.

BBB embassy row.

Hotel Royal uses Italian ingredients and glamorous visuals as key elements in the drinks that pay tribute to the 20s when Italian Madame Staro took over the residence and transformed it into the ultra-luxury Hotel Royal. Indulge in luxurious Italian flair with The Heritage Of Madame Staro, with herbaceous Sabatini gin, clarified lemon and crème de violet, or celebrate the empowerment of strong, independent women with La Barona, made with Cenote Tequila Blanco, Aperol, pineapple and pink peppercorn, and edible art.

The House On Sathorn honours the ­legacy of the original owner of the house, Luang Sathorn Rajayukta, a Chinese businessman turned royal elite who constructed the Sathorn canal during the reign of King Rama V. The drinks are crafted with subtle Thai and Chinese flair. Taste Hainan To Siam with Botanist gin, jasmine rice and shiso, among other ingredients. Or try the namesake Luang Sathorn with Phraya Rum, chamomile, Lapsang Souchon smoky tea and black salt.

The Bar at The House On Sathorn also offers a selection of timeless classics and hand-bottled signature cocktails for large groups or takeaway, and a bespoke cocktail option where guests can design their own drinks. Light bar snacks can also be had with pairing suggestions for all four sections of the signature cocktail menu. Email or visit 

The heritage of Madame Staro.

The courtyard.

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