Samyan expo 'Happy Meat Happy Me' examines farm animal welfare

Samyan expo 'Happy Meat Happy Me' examines farm animal welfare

Samyan expo 'Happy Meat Happy Me' examines farm animal welfare
Pigs in a healthy environment. photo: Thomas Alexander

World Animal Protection Thailand is holding "Happy Meat Happy Me", an interactive exhibition to raise public awareness on animal welfare, on the ground floor of Samyan Mitrtown, Rama IV Road, daily from 10am to 10pm from tomorrow to Sunday.

Visitors will learn about a variety of safe and ethical food choices from many activities, including a digital interactive exhibition, which will give them an immersive food experience.

They will be invited to pick their favourite dishes from the menu and learn about their origins, animal welfare for chickens and pigs in factory farms, the adverse effects of eating unsafe food, and the actions needed for better animal welfare at factory farms.

There will be different sessions on the main stage where the audiences can share their thoughts with experts in the field.

Tomorrow, World Animal Protection Thailand's ambassador Maria Poonlertlarp -- also Miss Universe Thailand 2017 -- will be introduced in a fashion show held under the concept of problems in animal welfare, at 2.30pm. It will be followed by a panel discussion on "What's The Point? Why Do The Lives Of Pigs And Chickens Matter?" at 4pm.

Chickens from a farm with a strong animal welfare programme. World Animal Protection Thailand

Two interesting topics to be discussed on Friday will be "Factory Farming And The Silent Pandemic Of Antimicrobial Resistance" at 2pm, and "The Hidden Quirks And Cuteness Of Pigs And Chickens" at 4pm.

On Saturday, chef Chudaree Debhakam, the first Top Chef Thailand and founder of Baan Tepa Culinary Space, will give a cooking show at 1pm. Then, Kiratinuch "Baitong" Luang-anggoon will lead a workshop on producing animal print T-shirts at 3.30pm.

The last day will feature a panel discussion on "The Solution: Happy Meat, Happy Me" at 2pm.

Also, many shops will be selling safe and ethically sourced food from farms with high animal welfare including Tan Khun Organic Farm, Donrae Deep-Litter Pig Farm, WorTawee Biodynamic Farm, Food for Fighter and Kiddee Farm.

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