Italian brands make mark at beauty fair

Italian brands make mark at beauty fair

Italian brands make mark at beauty fair
Sparkling Smoothing Serum by Feminae.

Italian brands are in the forefront of the fashion world while its cosmetics industry is the third largest in Europe.

Recently, 14 beauty brands exhibited their products at the Italian Pavilion during Cosmoprof CBE Asean Bangkok 2022, held at Impact Exhibition & Convention Center.

The showcase was a collaboration between the Embassy of Italy, Italian Trade Agency (ITA) and Cosmetica Italia.

"Italy's beauty industry focuses on innovation and meeting the needs of consumers. The 14 brands are all experts and play a significant role in elevating the industry internationally," said Giuseppe Lamacchia, trade commissioner of ITA Bangkok Office.

The country of origin is underlined by Italcosmetici, which specialises in make-up; and ICC Made in Italy, whose portfolio includes skin and haircare as well as make-up and nail products.

Hair Company Professional showcase at Cosmoprof CBE Asean 2022.

Erboristeria Magentina is known for using herbal ingredients in its formulations such as Natural Benex cold gel.

Sophisticated methods are used to extract natural active substances that are optimised by advanced cosmeceutical science for skincare treatments by Gian Maria Amatori.

Following a partnership between Planbio Cosmetics and Bari University, raw materials used for formulating UVIA skincare products pass strict tests and have been approved by the university's Department of Chemistry. The botanical extracts and other active ingredients, such as peptides and hyaluronic acid, are well preserved thanks to packaging featuring airless technology.

Functional cosmetic brand Feminae has expertise in developing textures that encourage constant application to enhance product performance.

Ernesi boasts a skin and haircare laboratory built with equipment supplied by Carlo Erba Pharmaceuticals. Its iconic Face Mask '78 delivers biomineral care via plant-based ingredients that restore skin homeostasis.

Other producers of hair products include My.Organics, bbcos Hair Pro, Kaaral, Kléral, Lisap Milano and Hair Company Professional.

Lastly, Acampora is an artisanal fragrance house, which started by offering pure essences and expanded its aromatic creations to Extrait de Parfum and Eau de Parfum.

Ernesi's formulas for the face, body and hair.

Acampora Vanyl Extrait de Parfum.

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