As above, so below

As above, so below

Piaget celebrates the winter solstice with a high-jewellery collection

As above, so below
Dick Steenman and Anita Porchet worked on the cocktail-inspired dial of the Joyful Sharing watch.

Between the summer and winter solstices, Piaget prefers the latter because it comes with the year's longest night.

The longer the night the more time to party under the shimmering Moon, which is the agenda behind the Solstice high-jewellery collection.

Piaget has invited master artisans to join the solstice celebrations and work their magic on the collection's exceptional timepieces.

Inspired by haute couture, the first chapter includes the white gold Extravagant Touch watch dressed in feathers by Nelly Saunier.

For over 30 years, the French artist has dedicated herself to plumasserie. The delicate feathers chosen for this collaboration are in colours that harmonise with the black opal dial as well as marquise-cut sapphires, emeralds and diamonds gracing the watch's sensual curves.

Through 55 facets, the marquise-cut epitomises the radiance of the precious stones. The gem setting is carried out by master artisans at ateliers within Piaget's second manufacturing site in Plan-les-Ouates, on the edge of Geneva.

Unique Extravagant Touch watch with detachable feathers composed by Nelly Saunier.

The first is located in La Côte-Aux-Fées, a small village in the Swiss Jura mountains, where Georges-Édouard Piaget founded the company in 1874.

The historic plant is dedicated to developing movements, including ultra-thin calibers that drive watches from the second instalment of the Solstice collection.

Piaget's party gets into full swing in this chapter as cocktails are translated into artistic dials of three models, each limited to eight pieces.

A Piaget collaborator since 2006, Anita Porchet recreated lime slices with paillons motifs for the dial of the yellow and white gold Festive Sharing watch.

Champlevé and paillonné enamel techniques along with some details in miniature are combined to create the pattern of green limes, golden leaves and dainty white flowers.

The Swiss enamel artist and Dutch engraver Dick Steenman worked on another 36mm model -- the white-gold Joyful Sharing watch, whose intricate dial evokes the inside of a cocktail glass.

On a bed of sculpted mother-of-pearl, Steenman engraved the peridot stones to create shimmering and playful lime slices and mint leaves. Porchet then covered the engraved elements with mint leaves and ice cubes created with a palette of translucent enamels.

Setting of marquise-cut emeralds, sapphires and diamonds on the Extravagant Touch watch.

To respect the dial's thickness constraint, each enamel or glyptic element had to be individually adjusted to be set on the right height.

Although the dial is flat, the fourth artist Rose Saneuil increased the volume through light reflection of materials assembled on the face of the Gleaming Savor watch housed in a 41mm white gold case.

Based in Montrouge, near Paris, the French marquetry specialist works with an array of different materials. For this model, she developed a surprising association of straw, sycamore wood, and elytron on the dial, which recalls crystal glass.

Comprising 177 pieces, the miniature marquetry work is illuminated by diamonds, of which the baguette-cut stone are set upside-down on the bezel.

Baguette-cut and brilliant-cut diamonds alternate on the paved dial of the 42mm white gold Dazzling Swirl watch, which showcases Piaget's expertise in high complications as a flying tourbillon dances between 2 and 3 o'clock.

Ultra-thin mechanical movements have been a brand signature since 1950s as third-generation Valentin Piaget was obsessed with slim calibers.

In 1959, jewellery joined the product portfolio, and today the range include everyday wear pieces to the sumptuous high jewellery, normally created as a triptych.

As Piaget is working on the third chapter of the Solstice collection, the party is not over yet.

Gleaming Savor watch with marquetry dial by Rose Saneuil.

Festive Sharing watch with enamel dial by Anita Porchet.

Unique Extravagant Touch watch with detachable feathers composed by Nelly Saunier.

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