Kiko Milano dives into the blue

Kiko Milano dives into the blue


After the Green Me collection of vegan products, Kiko Milano has sustainably made Blue Me to further espouse conscious beauty.

Without compromising on performance, sustainably sourced, upcycled and biodegradable ingredients are used in the formulations of the skincare, make-up and nail products.

Blue Me Hydra Perfecting Face Primer, for example, is a vegan formula with 84% natural ingredients that include sustainably sourced coconut water, upcycled oak extract and Japanese plum extract.

Energizing Effect Foundation contains 93% natural ingredients such as sustainably sourced apple water and certified organic ginseng extract.

Blue Me Pearl Blush, a vegan formula enriched with recovered oak extract.

Waterproof Eyeliner Duo features upcycled pomegranate extract and sustainably produced micro-algae.

The complexion make-up creates a smooth canvas while the Pearl Blush enriched with recovered oak extract renders a healthy glow through a combination of three colours.

Kiko Milano drew inspiration from the colours of the ocean and autumn foliage for the Blue Me collection.

Two versions of the Maxi Eyeshadow Palette, Blue Heart and Autumn Leaves, provide 12 shades with matte, metallic or marble finishes. The vegan formula tends to delicate eyelids through upcycled and sustainably produced passion fruit seed oil.

Other upcycled ingredients include kiwi seed oil in Pearl Highlighter and Silky Bronzer, pomegranate extract in Waterproof Eyeliner Duo and 3D Effect Lipstick Duo, and coffee extract in Long Lasting Lip Liner.

The Italian brand employs biodegradable cellulose acetate glitter to give the Sparkling Eyeshadow a seashell shimmer with a pearly finish. Biodegradable glitter is also featured in the top coat, layered above nail lacquer containing bio-sourced and natural origin solvents.

Regarding packaging, glass, aluminium and post consumer recycled plastic have been used to reduce the use of plastic.

Blue Heart and Autumn Leaves Maxi Eyeshadow Palettes.

Vegan nail lacquer in a shade called White Spirit.

The outer packaging paper is FSC certified and made with 40% recycled fibre, while the inner packaging with a sea anemone design follows the principles of reduce, reuse, recycle. Packaging has also been labelled by QR code to inform how to separate it for a correct and responsible disposal.

Made from 50% recycled plastic, the compact doesn't have a mirror in order to avoid unnecessary waste.

With a starfish motif, the pochette is even made from 80% recycled plastic, which reinforces how Kiko Milano is committed to reducing plastic pollution and saving the ocean.

Kiko Milano stores are located on the 2nd floor of CentralPlaza Lardprao, and M floor of Siam Center.

3D Effect Lipstick Duo with the packaging made from 50% recycled plastic.

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