Experience a white winter in Korea
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Experience a white winter in Korea

Experience a white winter in Korea
photos courtesy of Korea Tourism Organization (KTO)

Travellers considering a vacation to South Korea can learn about the winter highlights at the end-of-year Korean Tourism Fair, which will be held on Nov 21 at Samyan Mitrtown.

As part of the "Travel To Korea, Begins Again" event, the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) joins hands with K-pop artist Park Jihoon to welcome outbound Thai visitors and promote new tourist destinations and activities from Korean hit series filming locations.

With the new campaign "Into The Korea-Verse: White Winter Multiverse With K-Pop & T-Pop Star", visitors can immerse themselves on the metaverse platform to explore Korea's top five attractions like the Unesco World Heritage Site Changdeokgung Palace.

Korea Tourism Organization (KTO)

Korea Tourism Organization (KTO)

It houses a sizeable rear garden behind the inner hall called the Secret Garden, which has a 300-year-old towering tree and a waterfront pavilion. It is the setting for Korean hit series The Magic Zombie Kingdom, The Throne Of Fury and The Crowned Clown. Visitors can envision themselves in the Joseon era during the winter when the entire palace will be blanketed in snow and the small pond in the secret garden will be encased in ice.

Hallasan Mountain, one of South Korea's largest mountains, towers over Jeju Island and contrasts the snow-covered roadways on each side with lush, verdant landscapes. As you go to the top, breathtaking vistas of mist will take your breath away, while scenes from Our Blues When The Sky Is Blue, Crash Landing On You and Emergency will come to mind.

Wondaeri Birch Forest in Gangwon-do is famous for its stunning snow-covered scenery after the birch leaves have fallen, giving tourists the impression as if they are in scenes from popular Korean dramas like Something In The Rain, Kingdom 2 Zombie Madness and Yong-Pal.

After a two-year hiatus due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the annual Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival will return to the town of Gangwon-do from Jan 7-30. The festival is held on the frozen Hwacheoncheon Stream, which is likely to be covered in more than 30cm of ice. Visitors can participate in ice sledding, international ice sculpture competitions, catch mountain trout and other fun activities.

At the same time, the Gyeongju World Snow Park is popular among Korean families to enjoy exciting rides and other activities including sleigh rides down a 250m snow slope.

Park Jihoon will join a meet-and-greet session and visitors will be delighted with K-Pop Cover Dance, K-Indy Busking, VR Games, a 3D Photo Zone and a variety of Korean food and desserts.

For more details, visit kto.or.th/white- winter-multiverse-with-k-pop-and-t-pop.

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