Govt to organise third Thai Silk Fashion Week

Models take to the stage in dresses made of Thai silk to be showcased at the 3rd International Thai Silk Fashion Week 2022, at a press conference yesterday at Government House announcing the event. It will run from Dec 7-11 at Siam Paragon as a tribute to Her Majesty Queen Sirikit The Queen Mother's 90th birthday on Aug 12. (Photo: GOVERNMENT HOUSE)

The Office of the Permanent Secretary, the Prime Minister's Office, in collaboration with the Association of Thai Culture and Promotions, will organise the 3rd International Thai Silk Fashion Week in honour of the anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit the Queen Mother's 90th birthday this year.

Government spokesman Anucha Burapachaisri said on Tuesday that Kiti Pratipnatsiri, president of the Association of Thai Silk Promotions, had met with Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha at Government House to discuss the project.

The event will be held from Dec 7-11, starting at 4pm at Royal Paragon Hall, Siam Paragon Shopping Mall.

Gen Prayut said that the occasion is an opportunity to promote cross-cultural exchanges and enhance multilateral relationships with other countries through Thai silk, an important legacy of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit the Queen Mother, Mr Anucha said.

He said that fashion designers from more than 60 countries had been invited to come up with a collection of traditional and contemporary outfits made using Thai silk to be showcased at the fashion show.

It was estimated that about 9,000 metres of Thai silk produced by The Support Foundation of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit would be used in the fashion show, said Mr Anucha.

Finalists from the Next Big Silk Designer Contests, who are local fashion design students, will represent Thailand at the fashion show, he said.

Moreover, world-renowned designers from international fashion houses such as Jimmy Choo, Rocco Barocco, and Danha Kim have been invited to take part in the show.

Some of them will also join the judging panel and exchange fashion inspirations with fashion design students from all over the region, the spokesman said.

Mr Anucha added that there would also be an exhibition at the 3rd International Thai Silk Fashion Week which showcases Thai Silk Villages nationwide, with stands selling agricultural products grown by local farmers from various regions in the country.

He said that the Thai Silk Fashion Week is expected to draw at least 10,000 visitors per day.

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