Witness Mother Nature in all her glory
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Witness Mother Nature in all her glory

See Thailand in full bloom at these flower festival and fields

Witness Mother Nature in all her glory

Although Thailand is far from white in winter, it is the season when most of the country is bursting into a myriad of blooms. Guru presents you a list of winter floral festivals and seasonal botanic gardens, alongside flowery countryside roads to get in touch with Mother Nature when she is in full glory.

Festive Blossom Festivals

Seven Art Wonders of the Land of Happiness 

Faphathan Flora Park has gathered the seven wonders in one place at "Seven Art Wonders Of The Land Of Happiness”. The flower park in Nakhon Ratchasima presents a fresh take on the wonders of the world that wow with the allure of colourful flowers. Whether you wander through the great flower wall or stroll around breathtaking floral fields, the festival quenches your thirst for wanderlust. One of the highlights that will make your jaw drop is at the "Rose Cafe", where you can enjoy a coffee amidst thousands of English roses. "Rain Forest" lets you get in touch with nature, as the environment of a tropical rainforest has been replicated inside a dome, which is also where you will find countless butterflies of different species. The festival runs through April 30, 2023, with an admission fee of B250 per person. Visit fb.com/FloraparkWNK.

Christmas Tree Festival at Phu Ruea, Loei

Photo courtesy of TAT Loei Office.

When it comes to the Christmas tree festival, you might think of festive lighting and decoration showcasing. However, at Phu Ruea National Park in Loei, they filled the backyard of the Phu Ruea District Office with alluring red poinsettias for its annual "Christmas Tree Festival at Phu Ruea". The plant is dubbed a "Christmas tree" by locals because of its red-coloured leaves. Still, the poinsettias lend a Christmassy vibe, and a windmill nestled amid reddish fields lets you pretend to be in Europe. Catch them by Jan 31, 2023. Visit fb.com/TATLoei.

Floral Fair at Suan Luang Rama IX Park, Bangkok

Photo courtesy of ปั่นตามรอยพ่อหลวง.

Seeking respite from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle without leaving Bangkok? Head to Suan Luang Rama IX Park for a floral fair, where the landscape is flooded with flowers. Until Dec 10, witness the park burst into life with myriad shades of blossoms, including a tulip field and a winter flower exhibition that is not-to-miss. Amidst a kaleidoscope of colours of blossoms, visitors can partake in festivities, such as a panel discussing sustainability and the forest, and a firework show on Dec 10. Check out a floating market for handcrafts and food from the four regions of Thailand, while plant parents can go on a shopping spree at plant and farmer markets. visit thailandfestival.org. 

Flowery Gardens 

Hokkaido Flower Park Khaoyai, Nakhon Ratchasima 


Photo courtesy of Hokkaido Flower Park Khaoyai.

Do you long for Japan? Hokkaido Flower Park Khaoyai in Nakhon Ratchasima scratches that itch to visit the Land of the Rising Sun on a budget. Offsetting against the verdant surroundings are vibrant flower fields that are in the peak season. Chochin lanterns (a Japanese paper lantern) and koinobori (a colourful carb windsock) are decked out around the farm, giving it a rural Japanese countryside feel. The farm also houses a cafe with a Japanese minimalist design that has never fails to keep up with the theme. Do not miss the housemade strawberry daifuku and fresh strawberry milk. Tickets are priced at B100 for adults and B50 for kids. Visit fb.com/hokkaido.flower.  

Kuv Niam Hydenyia, Chiang Mai

Photo courtesy of Kuv Niam Hydenyia.

Feast your eyes on a hydrangea in various hues at Kuv Niam Hydenyia in Chiang Mai. When you are visiting the North, pop by this field for an epic day trip because you are bound to be enchanted the moment you step into this floral paradise. The flower field looks straight out of a whimsical wonderland, with countless puffy hydenyia bulbs in pastel colours popping out from their green bushes. Rustic bamboo baskets/backpacks are available for rent as a prop for your IG moments. B150 gets you to access to the flower farm. Visit fb.com/kuvniam.hydenyia. 

Yingyong Flower Garden, Chiang Mai 

Photo courtesy of Yingyong Flower Garden.

No flower farms in Chiang Mai could beat the picturesque view of Yingyong Flower Garden. Nestled on the top of Mon Cham Mountain, just an hour's drive from Chiang Mai's centre, the flower farm speaks volumes about its moniker, "floating flower garden". Its quirky nickname seemed too good to be true until we checked its photos on its page, which left us in awe. Imagine a red-clad flower field of tall, spiky salvia on a hill looking over a panoramic mountainscape, which will be shrouded in fog in the morning, making the garden look like it is floating in the sky. Bamboo skywalks let you soak up the view in one glance, while a couple of photogenic settings are scattered throughout the flower garden. Tickets are B50 per person. Visit fb.com/yingyong16353. 

Roadside Flowers

Bua Tong Field at Doi Mae-U-Kho, Mae Hong Son

Photo courtesy of Mae-U-Kho local administration.

This flowery hill is worth getting carsick from a ride that passes through almost 2,000 turns from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son. From mid-November to the end of December, the valleys of Doi Mae-U-Kho in Mae Hong Son are covered with blooming Mexican sunflowers or dok bua tong. The golden hills are reminiscent of dazzling fireworks when the blooms are ticked by gusts of wind. Along with the concrete steps to the top, you will find a couple of viewpoints that will expose you to an ineffable panoramic mountainscape stretching along the horizon. 

Royal Agricultural Research Centre Chiang Mai (Khun Wang), Chiang Mai

Watching the earth burst into life with various shades of pink at the Royal Agricultural Research Centre Chiang Mai. The place is noted as one of the most breathtaking routes to enjoy Thai sakura viewing. The highlight includes an appealing tunnel-like path where blooming wild Himalayan cherry trees on each side of the road are sprung enough to form a flower tunnel. The peak season falls between December to end-February. Visit fb.com/Cm.Khunwang. 

Yellow Road (Highway Number 3502) and Pink Road (Highway Number 340), Suphan Buri

Suphan Buri has not just one but two flowery countryside roads. Remember to check the blooming forecast before heading to these highways in Suphan Buri because the colourful roads burst into yellow and pink with wild blossoms once a year. In season for a month, between February and March, highway number 3502 (from Don Rai District to Kra Siew Reservoir) is flanked by blooming golden trumpet trees, where the 11km road brims with vibrant shades of yellow. As well as highway number 340, specifically from Si Prachan to Pak Nam Districts, will be made an appealing pink route by blossoming pink shower trees during the same time.

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