Playful new collection
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Playful new collection

Gucci celebrates the rabbit across its line-up

Playful new collection
Men’s loafers with neon bunny motifs.

Gucci is gearing up for the Lunar New Year with a campaign to present its rabbit-inspired capsule collection.

The film was captured by Max Siedentopf, who conjures a dreamy light of sunrise that heralds the arrival of spring in a fantastical field of flowers. 

A cast of friends serendipitously encounter a colony of rabbits in the colourful blooming landscape. Siedentopf alternates playful moments with more sentimental ones, to the sound of Grace Slick’s psychedelic White Rabbit from the 1960s.

Bureau Veritas, an accredited third party, ensured that the bunnies were properly cared for and kept safe during the entire shoot.

Following the rat, ox and tiger, the rabbit is the fourth animal sign in the Chinese zodiac.

Designs feature various iterations of the rabbit.

Gucci salutes the long-eared creature through playful iterations across the line-up, woven into knitwear, on embroidered patches, or in a distinctive spray-paint-style version seen on T-shirts and leather loafers.

Moreover, slingback pumps and slide sandals are designed with ear-like bows that represent the rabbit.

Womenswear includes a bunny print cropped T-shirt, water lily print silk blouse and pleated skirt, and multicoloured bunny striped wool jumper.

More rabbits appear amid the geometric Square G print and Gucci Dans Le Vert cube print on men’s ready-to-wear pieces. The bunny graffiti print is even more eye-catching on a padded nylon vest, jersey zip jacket and track bottom.

The Square G print also adorns the dial and strap of the G-Timeless watch in a 38mm case made of recycled steel. Another model has a joyful bunny motif on the glass and a multicolour bunny graffiti print on the strap to make a fashion statement on the wrist.

G-Timeless watches with a geometric Square G and bunny print on the dial and strap.

Bunny graffiti print on zip jacket, track bottom and padded vest.

Gucci’s campaign welcomes the arrival of spring.

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