SK-II beauty sleep formula brightens mornings
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SK-II beauty sleep formula brightens mornings


Sleep deprivation takes a toll on the skin, according to SK-II, whose concern coincides with the theme of World Sleep Day celebrated last Friday.

Since 2008, World Sleep Day has raised awareness of sleep-related issues and how to prevent and manage slumber-related disorders. It is held annually on the Friday before the vernal equinox or the first day of spring.

SK-II looked at the science of beauty sleep, in particular how restorative processes occur during the night.

Apart from "panda eyes", lack of sleep will result in skin dullness which SK-II defines as a yellowed effect caused by oxidative stress. Just one restless night can lead to yellowed skin cloudiness for five days.

Launched in the early 1980s, SK-II is known for its best-selling Pitera Essence featuring the signature ingredient Pitera, which is naturally derived from a proprietary yeast fermentation process.

SK-II's global brand ambassador Mina.

The brand's 26 years of extensive research on skin brightening has led to the development of its new, game-changing GenOptics Ultraura Essence to address skin clouds and dull complexion.

Ingredients to counteract yellowish dullness of skin include SDL PRO based on sucrose dilaurate, and White Lotus Complex with an extract from the aquatic plant known for its resilience to extreme weather conditions.

Like other SK-II formulas, GenOptics Ultraura Essence also features the brand's proprietary ingredient Pitera containing more than 50 micronutrients including vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids.

Pitera resembles the skin's natural moisturising factors, allowing it to be absorbed quickly for the transformation to a crystal-clear complexion.

GenOptics Ultraura Essence's campaign is fronted by Mina of K-pop group Twice. Named SK-II's global brand ambassador last March, Mina shines with an ultimate aura inside and out thanks to the new brightening essence.

This month SK-II offers a complimentary skin consultation and a sample of the new product. Additionally, GenOptics Ultraura Essence will be at SK-II's pop-up store at Central Lardprao from March 24-30.

New game-changing GenOptics Ultraura Essence.

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