Swatch this space for art

Swatch this space for art

Swatch this space for art
Swatch Art Journey Collection. (Photos courtesy of Swatch)

Art and the world of Swatch merge in the Swatch Art Journey Collection set to take the iconic timepieces from artists' studios and museum walls straight to people's wrists.

The effect of the collection's range of looks is like adventure travel through different moments in art history, from Botticelli to Lichtenstein.

The brand has recreated 10 masterpieces for its signature Gent, New Gent and always playfully provocative style -- all designed to celebrate artists who were unafraid to try new things.

Unveiled just last week are seven new designs created in collaboration with MoMa, Magritte, Le Gallerie Degli Uffizi and Louvre Abu Dhabi.

Swatch x MoMA celebrates pop art and marks the 100th anniversary of American pop artist Roy Lichtenstein's birth, while Swatch x Magritte gives tribute to Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte on his 125th birth anniversary.

In a nod to Sandro Botticelli, Swatch x Le Gallerie Degli Uffizi celebrates nature and femininity through the eyes and art of the Renaissance painter, and Swatch x Louvre Abu Dhabi unites the energy of The Great Wave Off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai with a majestic astrolabe feature.

The final three Swatch Art Journey watches are still under wraps, but the brand hints that the next instalment will hit the sweet spot for street art fans.

The Swatch love affair with art started in 1985 with the first of a long line of Art Special watches. Always looking for new ways to democratise the art world, the Swiss watchmaker joined forces with world-famous museums to recreate some of their most powerful artworks as part of a new Museum Journey series starting in 2018.

The seven new masterful timepieces are now available at Swatch stores and online.


Swatch Art Journey Collection Swatch

Swatch Art Journey Collection Swatch


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