Lagerfeld salutes a century of Disney
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Lagerfeld salutes a century of Disney

Lagerfeld salutes a century of Disney
Disney x Karl Lagerfeld capsule collection. (Photos courtesy of KARL LAGERFELD)

Fashion house Karl Lagerfeld celebrates "Disney 100 Years Of Wonder" with a capsule collection featuring an iconic sketch of Donald Duck hand-drawn by the house's founder in the early 2000s.

The collaboration celebrates two globally recognisable figures, Donald Duck and Karl Lagerfeld, each in a distinctive way. Both men approached life with intense passion, empathy and an innate ability to stir emotions no matter the circumstances.

In 2004, the legendary fashion designer joined celebrations held by Disneyland Paris to honour Donald Duck's 70th anniversary.

Donald Duck had long been one of his favourite characters -- indeed it could be said they grew up together, given that Lagerfeld was born mere months before the Disney character made his very first appearance on film.

Lagerfeld in fact had wanted to be an illustrator before he discovered the world of fashion. Those earlier acquired skills are fully on display in this iteration of the world-famous cartoon duck, the instantly recognisable silhouette sporting dark sunglasses and clad in jeans, a black blazer and high-collar shirt.

Donald Duck drawn by Karl Lagerfeld.

The capsule collection features this sketch with a love message saying: "Dear Donald, 7 is a great number -- 10 times 7 is even better! Happy birthday! Love, Karl."

The Disney x Karl Lagerfeld capsule collection is anchored in playful essentials and bold outerwear. Everyday pieces receive a refresh with the Donald Duck sketch and brand logo. Vibrant blue, red and yellow permeate the collection, evoking the playful sophistication of Karl Lagerfeld and youthful spirit of Disney.

Disney x Karl Lagerfeld bag. (Photo courtesy of Montree)

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