Art installations come to Benjakitti Park
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Art installations come to Benjakitti Park

Art installations come to Benjakitti Park
The Circle Biogenesis 2023. photo courtesy of Creative Economy Agency

The upcoming rainy season is a good time to stroll around Benjakitti Park and enjoy art installations until Sept 30.

The showcase is part of "Unfolding Bangkok: Greeting Benjakitti", organised by the Creative Economy Agency, in collaboration with the Tourism Authority of Thailand and the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau, to promote tourism in the city.

The event aims to get everyone to learn more about the first environmental public park in Bangkok and witness five art installations hidden there that inspire both mental and environmental recovery.

Presented under "The Art Of Cohabitation" concept, the five artworks reflect the cycle of change, cohabitation of all living things and people, which all depend on the same ecological system at every point in this forest park.

They include The Circle Biogenesis 2023, a three-part circular piece that symbolises the interconnectivity between time and life. It was created by architect and artist Suriya Umpansiriratana to remind us of the relationship between nature, life and the universe.

Designed as a habitat for stingless bees which can be found all over the park, Stingless Bee City comprises manmade beehives by Wit Pimkanchanapong, while Hornbill Villa is made from 200 pieces of earthenware by Nino Sarabutra who wishes to increase the number of homes for hornbills in the park.

Created as a space for viewers to take time and observe the movements that occur in nature surrounding them, Sanitas Pradittasnee's House Of Silence features reflected light and shadow which further creates an illusion of balance. The Centre Of The Universe is designed by Pok Kobkongsanti to allow everyone to view the beauty of Benjakitti Park through a kaleidoscope whose new design provides them with a fresh perspective of the same old world.

Benjakitti Park is located next to the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center on Ratchadaphisek Road and opens daily from 5am to 9pm.


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