Prada and the triangle of Paradoxe
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Prada and the triangle of Paradoxe


Capturing the depth and spirit of a woman's multidimensional self-discovery, Prada Beauty sent guests on a sensory journey with the launch of brand-new refillable fragrance Prada Paradoxe, which transforms a timeless white flower bouquet into an avant-garde signature encapsulated in an iconic triangular bottle.

The My Paradox Room took over King Power Mahanakhon's Ojo Bangkok and provided a selection of specially crafted cocktails that mirrored the fragrance's signature notes. Special guests might even personalise their own scents and ascots adorned with their initials.

The fragrance was developed by Givaudan Master Perfumers Shyamala Maisondieu, Antoine Maisondieu and Nadège Le Garlantezec to balance between tradition and avant-garde, nature and innovation, and to recreate a potent feminine sensuality via conflicting interpretations.

An intimate and long-lasting trail with neroli and jasmine as the dominating notes is created by fusing the traditional florality of a white flower bouquet with an avant-garde olfactory signature of Ambrofix and Serenolide accord.

Prada extracts the scent from the neroli bud before it opens, and the fragrance preserves the flower's crisp, fresh essence. The state-of-the-art bio-converted amber is created naturally and provides a powerful, dependable and authentic woody ambergris note.

One of the most extensively distributed musk molecules in the world, Serenolide is fresh and revolutionary, leaving a distinct but individual fragrance trail. This sophisticated musk has a depth of intensity that carries through to the dry-down, making it instantly recognised from the top and giving off a second-skin feeling.

The Prada Paradoxe bottle symbolises the house's essence of innovation and continuous, inquisitive dialogue. It was designed after the original famous Prada triangle emblem. In contrast to the architecture of typical perfume bottles, the flacon is sleek and elegant with a side-lying shape.

The bottle's radical, luminous design embodies the avant-garde and sophisticated Prada aesthetic. The outside box is engraved to echo Prada's signature Saffiano leather cross-hatching. Customers may scan a QR code to access AR experiences, filters and behind-the-scenes information about Prada Paradoxe.

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