Atta Gallery focuses on the abstract
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Atta Gallery focuses on the abstract

Atta Gallery focuses on the abstract
A sculpture by Morten Lobner Espersen. Atta Gallery

Atta Gallery is holding "Abstract: Expressions, Interpretations And Connections", a curated group exhibition by international artists from various disciplines, running from Thursday until July 16.

The exhibition is to encourage viewers to actively engage with abstract art and develop their own personal interpretations and connections with the works on display.

It is designed to challenge the traditional notion of art as something that must be fully understood or explained and instead invites viewers to embrace the freedom of interpretation and emotional resonance that abstract art, and visual art in general, can offer.

The artworks encompass a wide range of abstract expressions including different mediums such as painting, sculpture, installation and mixed media presented through diverse techniques, styles, shapes and forms by 15 artists from Thailand, the US, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Japan and Australia.

Throughout the exhibition, viewers are encouraged to have dialogues with the artworks to explore the many layers of meaning and emotion that abstract art can convey. Visual and audio cues are strategically placed to stimulate the senses and provoke imaginations, prompting viewers to create their own interpretations and connections with the artworks.

The goal of the exhibition is not to impose a single interpretation or meaning onto the works, but rather to foster a sense of individuality and personal connection with art.

By engaging in this process of interpretation and connection, viewers are empowered to develop their own personal taste in art. They are encouraged to reflect on their own likes and dislikes, to explore their emotions and perceptions, and to develop a deeper understanding of their own artistic preferences.

The opening reception is on Thursday at 6pm. Atta Gallery is located at Warehouse 30, Charoen Krung 30, and opens Wednesday to Sunday from 1-6.30pm.


An installation by Floor Mommersteeg. Atta Gallery

Artwork by Douglas Diaz. photos courtesy of Atta Gallery

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