Italian job

Italian job

A Sense Of Beauty Salon By Sacha uses professional Milanese products to raise your haircare game

Italian job

The breezy Sasicha Bamrungkit often changes her hairdo, not exactly for fashionable looks, but in order to check out different salons, stylists, treatments and products.

"Bleaching, colouring and other chemical treatments -- my hair has gone through a lot. Often, I have to cut it short because of the dryness or damage," said Sasicha, who used the experience to set up her own salon.

Moreover, she draws on her hairdressing background to operate A Sense Of Beauty Salon By Sacha, located on LL floor of the Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok at Chao Phraya River.

The luxurious salon is divided into two zones, for hair and nail spa services, with the interior design's fawn and teal colours promoting a relaxing ambiance.

Originally in Mayfair, London, the adjacent Gentlemen's Tonic is another undertaking to help men take care of their hair and skin. Both the salon and barber complement the hotel's Urban Wellness Centre.

The seasoned Sasicha previously managed Anne Semonin spas, known for holistic face and body treatments.

On her sense of beauty, she said: "The goal is to look natural and radiant. We should be happy with who we are. Healthy skin and hair enhance the self-image. People habitually take care of their skin on a daily basis but may overlook haircare and how hair accumulates dust and pollution throughout the day, let alone what's happening underneath with our scalp."

Assessing hair with a microscopic device.

Assessing scalp health is the first step before recommending a treatment.

A microscopic device is used to analyse the scalp and hair, whose images are shown on a tablet screen. Common problems such as oily scalp, clogged follicles and dry ends are then addressed through customised solutions.

Taking 70 minutes, the anti-ageing scalp treatments (3,900-4,500 baht) focus on exfoliating, revitalising, soothing or balancing this extension of the skin.

A veteran in the beauty industry, Sasicha is in the know for high-performance products for professional and at-home use. The salon, for instance, uses Morphosis Scalp Control Exfoliate by Milan-based Framesi to remove deposits of sebum, dandruff, dead cells and fixative products.

Its signature treatment involves innovative products and procedures developed by another Italian company, Alfaparf Milano, who employs plant stem cells from argan trees for scalp and haircare.

The 90-minute session (5,500-8,000 baht) involves two products from its Semi di Lino Cellula Madre line, namely Beauty Genesis renewing elixir, and a restructuring, nourishing or glow-multiplier concentrate featuring the plant stem cells.

"Argan oil has long been used as a hair treatment. The resilient argan tree can survive the most extreme conditions thanks to a self-healing mechanism, and this inspired the use of its stem cells in haircare," Sasicha noted.

Another signature treatment harnesses the power of wild ginger sustainably harvested in Hawaii.

The salon is divided into two zones for hair and nail spa services.

Under John Paul Mitchell Systems, the Awapuhi Wild Ginger brand develops hair-transforming products powered by a moisturising ginger extract and exclusive KeraTriplex blend.

The professional KeraTriplex treatment helps restore hair damaged by chemical treatment, while HydraTriplex is for dry and frizzy hair, and the combination of both saves dry and damaged hair.

"However, hair weakened by stress, pollutants or the lack of proper care can also benefit from this signature treatment," Sasicha said. "The in-salon treatment is complemented by choosing the right products for home use, such as Awapuhi Wild Ginger Repair shampoo and treatment, to further revitalise hair with the KeraTriplex technology."

Besides the signature treatments, hair extension, colouring, perm and re-bonding along with eyelash extension, nail and waxing services are also available at A Sense Of Beauty Salon By Sacha.

"Our salon is for those who simply want to have a makeover by our hairstylist or for intensive treatments for healthy hair and scalp," she said.

For more information, call 082-652-2999 or visit

Sasicha Bamrungkit

Semi di Lino Cellula Madre Nourishment, Restructuring or Glow Multiplier are used in the signature treatment.

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