Nitori's first branch to open Aug 31 at CentralWorld
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Nitori's first branch to open Aug 31 at CentralWorld

Browse through 5,000 items across 2,600m²

Nitori's first branch to open Aug 31 at CentralWorld

Japanophiles in Thailand rejoice! Another major brand from Japan is setting up shop in Thailand. Following a two-hour pre-opening on Aug 26, furniture and home furnishing brand Nitori will open its flagship store on the fifth floor of CentralWorld on Rama I Road on Aug 31.

Founded in 1967, Nitori won the hearts of Japanese customers with products created under the concept of "enriching homes of people all over the world", with the aim to make people’s daily lives more convenient and comfortable. Nitori’s products focus mainly on utility and the needs of customers without forsaking stylish appearance and compact size for space maximisation. 

Among 5,000 items on offer across 2,600m², you can expect minimalist home furnishings and innovative and thoughtful products at affordable prices. How innovative, you ask? Here are 10 recommended best-selling items to start with.

• Get sound sleep with N-Cool Bedding. The N-Cool technology has been developed and applied to various bedding products that rank as the number one best-selling items in Japan. It keeps the bedding cooler than the room temperature, facilitating a quality sleep. There are three levels of cooling namely Cool, Super Cool and Ultra Cool. It also helps prevent moisture, inhibits the growth of bacteria and prevents musty smells. Look for the N-Cool technology in blankets, bedsheets, pillows, dolls, pet beds, indoor slippers, clothes, baby stroller seat cushions and more.

• Nitori has created innovative pillows to help you sleep comfortably all night long and wake up feeling fresh. An N-Cool pillow can improve sleep with its cooling effect but you can also find hotel-quality pillows filled with ultra-fine polyester microfibre, allowing the weight to slowly and gently sink in and giving the feeling of feather-filled pillows. There are also function-focused pillows that cater to a variety of needs. An anti-snoring pillow helps reduce pains or strains on the neck and shoulders, made from antibacterial fabric that helps to prevent any musty smells.

• Their multi-functional curtains boast heat insulation, PM2.5 filtration, light blocking and sound absorption. Moreover, they are suitable for people with allergies and can be cleaned in a regular washing machine and their pleated shape helps the curtains stay beautiful for a long time.

• Anti-slip trays. Innovative wooden trays made from urethane-coated laminated sheet of willow wood ensures that items stay firmly on the tray and do not slip and fall off. The trays are available in several different sizes and can be used for serving desserts, drinks or large sets of meals.

• Made with unique technology, Nitori’s tableware is 25% lighter when compared with regular tableware, making it easy to carry, serve and clean. The featherweight tableware can be cleaned in dishwashers and also used in a microwave.

• Nitori's kitchen appliances and tools can help you unlock your inner chef. Declutter your refrigerator with organising shelves or use an anti-oil splash net, a popular item in Malaysia, China and Japan, so you can cook with more confidence and safety. 

• You're not so handy? Nitori has easy-to-assemble wooden furniture and no screw is needed. It comes with internal self-locking mechanisms called "Threespine Technology", Nitori’s proprietary technology was developed by Välinge Innovation from Sweden. Awarded the Good Design Award 2018, the technology allows easy and quick assembly of cabinets or shelves without the need for tools.

• Nitori offers a wide range of products dedicated to kids and babies. This includes baby pillows, baby blankets, sleeping mats, seat cushions, mattresses, and N-Cool products for children who have low heat tolerance such as the N-Cool pillow pad for your little ones to sleep comfortably every night. The N-Cool stroller pad is suitable for taking your baby outdoors on a hot day.

• Condo dwellers should look into Nitori's functional and space-saving furniture. A table whose height can be easily adjusted to be used as a dining table or a coffee table for example. 

• If you're a bit of a neat freak, check out this foldable clothes rail, which can keep six sizeable pieces of clothing. It is suitable for hanging clothes indoors on a day of bad weather or when PM2.5 dust is high. Or keep it as a spare clothes rail for the big laundry day.

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