Hendrick’s Flora Adora limited edition blooms in Bangkok
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Hendrick’s Flora Adora limited edition blooms in Bangkok

The latest release from the Cabinet Of Curiosities entices with its fresh and floral character

Hendrick’s Flora Adora limited edition blooms in Bangkok

Within the walls of the Hendrick's Gin Palace Garden, a most magical party is flourishing!

Butterflies and bees dance in dizzy reverie, feasting on a banquet of fragrant flowers laid out especially by Ms Lesley Gracie, master distiller. Join in the enchanting celebrations, while sipping on the delectable limited release Scottish gin — Flora Adora.

The latest release from the Cabinet Of Curiosities entices with its fresh and floral character. Inspired by and crafted with flowers most adored by our nectar-loving friends of the pollinator kingdom, Hendrick's Flora Adora is set to bloom across Bangkok's bars, restaurants and select retailers. Hendrick’s Flora Adora buzzes with an enticing aroma of enchanting flowers, taking the brand’s signature style into a fresh and irresistibly floral dimension. The foundational juniper and coriander essence are extended by luxuriously verdant and delightfully sweet floral attributes, creating a symphony of flavours that embodies both refinement and charm.

Crafted within Hendrick’s Gin Palace on the rugged Ayrshire coast of southwest Scotland, Gracie takes inspiration from the fascinating pollination at play in her garden. A fragrant bouquet most adored by the birds and the bees was handpicked to create the exquisite concoction that is Flora Adora.

“I find it really relaxing to watch the butterflies and bees busy at work in the garden. It’s fascinating to me how they seem to settle on some plants more than others. Certain flowers are more enticing to the pollinators and it’s these blooms that I’ve used to create a botanical blend for Hendrick’s Flora Adora,” says Gracie. 

Best drunk simply with tonic and a slice of cucumber, Flora Adora is also beguiling when mixed in a Flora Garden Cup — a medley of cooling cucumber and bright citrus, lengthened with a refreshing raspberry soda.

Stop and smell the flowers at the Wildflower Garden pop-up at Contento Italian restaurant until Sept 30. The restaurant has been transformed into a thriving floral sanctuary and you can look forward to an enthralling selection of Hendrick’s Flora Adora cocktails and pairing dishes. Treat yourself to luscious libations specially crafted; the menu features the gin in three distinct styles paired with fresh seasonal Italian dishes. 

From Lover Club, a fruity concoction that heroes Hendrick’s Flora Adora mixed with raspberry and peach puree, lemon juice and egg white. Followed by the delightful The Wilds of Contento that features strawberry and earl grey fortified wine, marlic acid and topped with sparkling wine. Finish off with the Gioielli where Hendrick’s Flora Adora is masterfully mixed with rosemary vermouth, green tea umeshu and lemon bitters.

Complement the cocktails with a mouthwatering selection of dishes to complete this whimsical occasion. From refreshing starters of Naked tomatoes, which are marinated heirloom and cherry tomatoes with fresh homemade farm cheese, along with pan seared Baby squid served with n’duja and toasted almonds. Followed by a light and bright main of pan-seared Branzino fillet served with baby asparagus and salsa verde. End with a rich and creamy cheesecake dessert that contrasts perfectly with the floral notes of the cocktails.

Diners can also redeem an exclusive Hendrick’s Flora Adora diffuser (30ml) for every three Hendrick’s Flora Adora cocktails ordered. The diffuser has been imbued with an essential oil specially customised for the launch of Hendrick’s Flora Adora. Meticulously blended to encapsulate the essence of Hendrick’s Gin’s wondrous new liquid, the fragrance reveals the perfect balance of lavender, juniper berries and lemon. The diffuser is available in limited quantities, while stocks last. Visit hendricksgin.com/hendricks-flora-adora.

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