Mott 32 unveils a new à la carte menu
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Mott 32 unveils a new à la carte menu

15 new dishes, including signature mains and dim sum

Mott 32 unveils a new à la carte menu

Monday’s can always be made better with food and not just any food, good food is a must.

Enter Chinese cuisine and a new à la carte menu at Mott 32 Bangkok, luxury Chinese restaurant from Hong Kong, in The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon.

Crafted by Mott 32 group executive chef Lee Man Sing and Mott 32 Bangkok executive Chinese chef Han Long Hua, the new menu offers 15 new dishes, including signature mains and dim sum. 

Thee new à la carte menu blends traditional Chinese cuisine with modern cooking techniques and classic Mott 32 showmanship. “The menu at Mott 32 Bangkok is a testament to our unwavering commitment to sustainability, local ingredients and time-honoured flavours with chef Lee’s artistry shining through in every dish, crafting an experience that resonates with every palate.” said chef Long Hua. “This menu invites diners to savour the seasonal delights and culinary craftmanship as we introduce a menu that redefines excellence.

Begin with an array of dim sum. I have always liked the Hot and sour Shanghaiese-style  soup dumplings with scallops and prawns. Do be careful the moment you put them into your mouth as the soup threatens to burst across the table if not contained in a mouthful. The newer dim sum are Steamed pork ribs in black bean sauce, a Cantonese dish, which combines tender pork ribs with a savoury and aromatic black bean sauce. The Tofu skin roll in fish soup and the Abalone puff, stuffed with tender slices of abalone made in a style of reminiscent of curry puffs, are also new on the menu.

Though its the Crispy sugar-coated BBQ Iberico pork bun that is delicious with some of the housemade XO sauce. The Prawn, pork, winter bamboo, water chestnut in crispy rice paper is another winner, as is the Pan-fried Iberico pork and vegetable bun, which features succulent Iberico pork and vegetables in a crispy but soft inside bun. Other dim sum highlights include the Teochew dumplings with  pork, mushroom, peanut, crispy bean curd roll. 

For a side dish, the tangy Prawn and pickled chayote gives the palate a good cleanse for what’s to come. Deep fried whole drunken mantis shrimp with salt and pepper, though I preferred it steamed with hwa tiao, which is a traditional Chinese wine. The Wok-fried Iberico pork comes with ttermite mushroom and chilli, a dish that showcases a blend of high-quality ingredients with wok-frying techniques. A contemporary creation, it marries  that marries premium Iberico pork with the distinctive taste of termite mushrooms and the heat of chilli. The E-fu noodles with golden crab roe is a good one dish meal, though I would order the King prawns in Chinese Rice wine with vinegar and chilli for sharing.

The new à la carte menu is available at Mott 32 restaurants in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, US, Vancouver, Canada,  Singapore, Dubai, Seoul, South Korea and Cebu, the Philippines.

Call +02-085-888, email or Line:@Mott32bangkok.

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