Chocolate with everything!
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Chocolate with everything!

Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok and Valrhona Chocolate Unveil a chocolate-themed afternoon tea

Chocolate with everything!

Life is sweeter with chocolate, and don’t take the words (or phrase) for it. Scientifically speaking, chocolate has flavonoids and antioxidant qualities that are good for health.

What better way to indulge, for the sake of your health, of course, in the Four Seasons’ afternoon tea that’s all about chocolate, savoury or sweet. In collaboration with Valrhona Chocolate, the revered French chocolate manufacturer, Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok at Chao Phraya River has launched the “Chocolate-Themed Afternoon Tea” at The Lounge.

Offering chocolate in its savoury and sweet treats, the high tea is curated by executive pastry chef Andrea Bonaffini and The Lounge chef de cuisine Patiwarata Chutiwat, along with Valrhona’s chef Jérémy Aspa. The collab marks Valrhona's inaugural foray into crafting an afternoon tea menu.

Begin with an amuse bouche of Scallop tiradito, which is a marinated scallop, white chocolate and Osietra caviar. Move (quickly) to the Phatthalung palm sago, mango sorbet, young coconut cream.

Let’s begin the chocolate indulgence with sweet treats. “Caramellia is a milk chocolate, which is very specific because we use caramelised milk powder inside and it's 36% of cacao mass inside and it really gives you a taste of caramel and that's why the combination with the compote of banana it fits really well with the brown sugar,” says chef Aspa. “The caramel custard is cooked in the cacao pod. We cut it, dry it and finish cooking the caramel inside it so you’ve got this flavour of cacao,” adds chef Bonaffini. Of course, the chefs are talking about the Chocolate, caramel and banana crème brûlée.

The Tartellette currigo is made with dark chocolate. “The Kalingo chocolate is 65% and is single origin from Grenada, in the Caribbean Islands. It's really specific because this chocolate is very fresh on very interesting,” says chef Aspa. 

“The Oasis is very interesting. It is a combination of 33% white chocolate and yuzu. The chocolate is cooked with sugar and dried yuzu powder,” chef Aspa. The chocolate gives the beautiful fragrance of yuzu and is very citrusy in the Oasis. This is served with a fruit salad of avocado, pineapple mango, pomegranate and very tiny bit of coriander. 

The Travelling cake is a combination of 66% dark chocolate Caraibe, which is a blend of various chocolates. “The main fruity taste comes from hazelnut, which is combined with Thai coffee,” says chef Aspa. The Travelling cake will also be averrable at Cafe Madeline. 

The last sweet treat is the Cocochoco, a combination of Illanka, which is 63% dark chocolate, and coconut. Think dark chocolate Bounty for the inspiration. I’m saving two of the best ones for the last bites, and move on to the savoury treats. 

The savoury side has been created by chef Patiwarata and has Foie gras and chocolate that comes with foie gras terrine, 33% white chocolate raspberries and apricot. The Puri crudité are organic vegetables in a peppermint yoghurt with dark chocolate pearls. Scottish salmon is used for the tartare mixed with beetroot, chocolate passion and trout roe. The last savoury bite is Joselito ham mont blanc with chestnut, Serrano ham, figs, mustard pickle and cacao nibs. 

Cool down the palate with the hotel’s signature afternoon tea Soft serve of 35% milk chocolate dulcey, mango and passion fruit. Ending the tea on a high note can only be with a hot chocolate that is a blended mix of different origins chocolate and infused with cardamom. 

The Chocolate-Themed Afternoon Tea is priced at B1,500++ per person per set, which includes a choice of premium tea or coffee, and is being served until Oct 31. Alternatively, you could also eat it at the counter and have it served tasting menu style. Call 02-032-0885 or visit

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