Empowering Chiang Mai's communities
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Empowering Chiang Mai's communities

Empowering Chiang Mai's  communities
David Korunić.

With its dedication to sustainability, FWD Life Insurance continues to support the development of the ethnic community on Chiang Mai's Doi Pu Meun through the Seeding Bank, Tea Quality Development and Assam Tea Value-Added projects, which encourage systematic learning and management of tea seedlings in order to elevate the quality of organic agricultural products and generate income.

The initiative is the first stage in creating a model community that strives to promote social justice and sustainable living. With 33 families and a spectacular 50% increase in production, it intends to address the issue of insufficient seeding supply relative to the region's demand and to promote long-term growth in tea production.

It attracted 21 people to join the seedling bank's first cohort in 2022, and research showed that 86.6% of participants improved their individual agricultural areas with their newly acquired cultivation abilities, resulting in discernible changes.

"Established in 2021, the project has been dedicated to reducing inequality and fostering sustainable benefits, with FWD's mission of empowering individuals in Thai society to live life to the fullest without worries. A comprehensive sustainable development framework has been established, addressing the three dimensions of society, economy and environment," said David Korunić, CEO of FWD Insurance.

"It's collective efforts and contributions from various stakeholders, including the Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration, Postharvest Technology Innovation Center, School of Bioresources and Technology at King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi, and Chiangmai Agricultural Research and Development Center."

Participants in the Tea Quality Development Project also receive comprehensive training in and understanding of advanced production methods. It gives local farmers instructions on how to use solar energy conversion into electricity for processing tea leaves and environmentally friendly fertilisers for planting in order to encourage organic agriculture practices without harming the environment.

Launched last year, the Assam Tea Value-Added Project has collaborated with chef Chumpol Jangprai to craft three delectable dishes and two enticing beverage recipes that incorporate tea leaves. These exquisite treats were presented by the renowned WaanThai restaurant.

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