Seacon Square hosts works of aspiring graduate photographers
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Seacon Square hosts works of aspiring graduate photographers

Seacon Square hosts works of  aspiring graduate photographers
Thesis artwork by Walaya Singha. (Photo: Hub Of Photography)

A selection of distinct theses by 30 budding virtuosos from different institutions, universities and creative domains are showcased during "Emerge: Photo Thesis Exhibition 2023" at Hop Photo Gallery, Whoop! and Hop Spot, 3rd floor of Seacon Square, Srinakarin Road, until Nov 5.

The exhibition offers an equal ground for each graduate to independently sculpt and curate their thesis artwork. It harmonises student photography from the academic years of 2022 and 2023, allowing viewers to immerse in an intimate narrative depicted on a tapestry of imagination and creation.

Through each photo frame, a window opens onto a unparalleled realm of perspective, delivering a diverse panorama shaped by the artist's passions and life journey. Their lenses become the vessels for storytelling, an invitation extended to souls, artisans, and lens whisperers alike, emboldening them to embark on journeys of exploration.

While the stunning show marks the initial footfall in their expedition towards professional image-making, it unfurls as a staircase ushering them towards myriad doors and passages yearning for discovery.

It is also a beacon of guidance, lighting the way for individual artisans to chart their desired trajectory within the domain of artistry, nurturing their latent potential as they unfold their destinies.

The exhibition is open for public viewing daily from 11am to 8pm. There is no admission fee.



A piece by Boonyaree Tantinarawat. photo courtesy of Hub Of Photography

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