Defy ageing with Bader

Defy ageing with Bader

Backed by TFC8 technology, the new Retinol Serum addresses wrinkles

Defy ageing with Bader

As a physician and biomedical scientist, Prof Augustinus Bader approaches skincare in a very different way as it is backed up by 30 years of research.

Within five years after its launch in 2018, his eponymous brand garnered 120 awards, including The Cream and The Rich Cream being voted WWD Beauty Inc's "The Greatest Skincare Of All Time" by industry insiders.

Prof Bader is currently the director of Cell Techniques and Applied Stem Cell Biology at the University of Leipzig in Germany.

Stem cells undergo tissue-specific specialisation in the human body and they are ready to repair and regenerate tissues.

German biomedical scientist and physician Prof Augustinus Bader.

Prof Bader's research made him understand how the body heals itself in conditions of trauma and inflammation.

In 2008, he developed a groundbreaking Wound Gel for severe skin traumas. The treatment eliminates the need for surgery, skin grafts or scar revision and minimises opportunistic infections.

"The hydrogel came a from clinical setting where we had open skin wounds. It was complicated to change the approach for intact skin as it has to navigate the body's natural healing code differently. But we found a unique solution that provides a similar self-healing reaction through TFC8," Prof Bader said.

Augustinus Bader's skincare products are powered by the patented Trigger Factor Complex, or TFC8, comprising over 40 ingredients including natural amino acids, vitamins and peptides to create an optimal environment for regeneration.

"You can imagine your stem cells as Michelin star chefs, but all the knowledge and genetic disposition would be nothing if they don't have access to the world's best ingredients," he said. "Through a topically available form, TFC8 supplies these ingredients, compensating for increased needs due to ageing or stress. It's all about empowering your cells to perform the regeneration they are capable of."

The Retinol Serum.

The proprietary complex is complemented by responsibly-sourced botanicals and other ingredients. The brand's Clean Science concept ensures that controversial ingredients are excluded from the formulation.

The Retinol Serum contains the patented TFC8 technology and pure retinol in a stabilised form to gently accelerate cellular turnover in addressing wrinkles and blemishes.

On tackling signs of ageing, Prof Bader noted that the skin is a living tissue that is nourished and rebuilt every day. This rebuilding is called remodelling.

"Ageing correlates with a lack of elasticity due to a different form of skin remodelling over time. This process is similar to forming hardened scar tissues or degenerative connective tissue after injuries. Positively rebuilding our skin can be achieved by returning essential components to cells so that they can naturally rebuild the skin in a healthy and, thus, elastic way," he explained.

A temporary solution for wrinkles, botulinum toxin injections weaken or paralyse certain muscles, similar to atrophy caused by muscle inactivity. The resulting lameness abolishes the contractive force of the skin muscles.

"As a result, the skin is not contracted, and wrinkles stretch out. You could compare this to pulling back a curtain, which will unfold. The disadvantage of botulinum toxin is that intentional movement of the skin is restricted. Patients will have difficulties with facial expressions, and in the long term the skin can appear like a hanging towel covering the shrinking muscles," he said.

How we age is 30% dependent on our genes, he added, but we can take charge of the 70%.

"Your genetic code is set. You were born with it, which is a given, but you can influence it," he said. "Aristotle said, 'We cannot change the wind, but we can set the sails differently'. We all have the means to course-correct our cells so that they can repair the daily damage that causes ageing."

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