MQDC unveils storied place: Pioneering a new era of themed destination
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MQDC unveils storied place: Pioneering a new era of themed destination

MQDC unveils storied place: Pioneering a new era of themed destination

MQDC introduces Storied Place, a transformative themed destination, offering a diverse range of amenities and experiences, beginning with "Happitat at The Forestias" in 2024.

MQDC (Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Ltd), one of Thailand's leading property developers, is expanding its business by launching Storied Place, aimed at creating a themed destination that aligns with global trends.

Orada Kerdhong, president of MQDC's Storied Place, said Storied Place, which is MQDC's new business under its development and management, will create themed destinations under the concept of "Happiness for All."

"MQDC, which develops themed projects such as The Forestias, aims to expand in non-residential real estate to meet rising consumer demand for all facilities in a single location," she said.

Under the leadership of Ms Orada, the new team will bring joy to people of all generations and, by 2024, will open "Happitat at The Forestias," a new themed destination designed to provide magical happiness beyond imagination.

"We want the Happitat at The Forestias to be a magical and awe-inspiring place where people create unforgettable happiness memories." — Orada Kerdhong, President of Storied Place

Ms Orada, who brings over a decade of experience in developing and managing real estate and mixed-use, said that the business would oversee themed destinations located outside of residential areas at projects by MQDC and affiliated companies. 

These non-residential areas include shops, restaurants, event venues, parades, rentable office space and more.

"Within these areas, Storied Place will create and manage elements to pioneer in creating themed destinations that deliver happiness and connect all generations through world-class and never-seen-before experiences," she added.

Happiness creation comes before revenue optimisation. Areas will range from new landmarks and new themed destinations to immersive lifestyle projects that give new experiences and extra convenience and cater to the diverse needs of customers spanning all generations.

"We are committed to serving and assisting our store partners with modern technology and innovations that benefit businesses and customers, ensuring seamless products and services for comfort and convenience, all in pursuit of our mission to create happiness for all," said Ms Orada, completely aligning with MQDC's core mission of promoting well-being. 

As a happiness creator, Storied Place aims to develop and manage space creatively under three principles. One is Happy People, creating and sharing happiness with people and communities.

The second is Happy Planet, a joint effort to conserve and enhance the environment for the sustainable well-being of all life on Earth. The third is Happy Place, which aims to infuse every area with joyful experiences that maximise benefits for both people and the environment.

"Areas developed by Storied Place will, therefore, fully meet the needs of customers of all generations, not only in shops, restaurants, and offices, but also events, parades, activities, and recreational programs," said Ms Orada.

These spaces will facilitate intergenerational interactions and shared quality time, creating seamless happiness.

Besides, MQDC's destinations will offer a multitude of elements to enhance life's convenience, vibrancy, significance, and excitement. They will be places where people can revel in joy and share magical happiness daily, marking ordinary and extraordinary occasions.

Storied Place is developing and will operate Happitat at The Forestias, a new themed destination of happiness for seamless real and virtual activities, creating business opportunities for partners to grow sustainably together. 

Set to launch in mid-2024 with shops and restaurants, Happitat at The Forestias is a themed destination in a 398-rai mixed-use residential project – The Forestias, which will combine real and virtual experiences across a vast area.

With an investment of over 20 billion baht, Happitat at The Forestias will elevate destination development to new heights, with the aim to be a place that people will desire to return to constantly.

"Each visit will receive new experiences and dazzling memories, thanks to a year-round calendar of indoor and outdoor activities, a rich mix of lifestyle pursuits and the integration of virtual reality into various aspects in the future," she said.

MQDC's goal for new business is to evoke a consistent sense of excitement and pleasure of discovery in people during each visit, whether for leisure or business, while simultaneously creating a sense of cosy familiarity and comfort.

"That's why we've called it the Happitat, a fusion of ‘habitat' and ‘happiness'," she said. "We want the Happitat at The Forestias to be a magical and awe-inspiring place where people create unforgettable happiness memories."

The Happitat's footprint of almost 60 rai will include the forest at the heart of The Forestias, numerous gardens, parade grounds, hundreds of themed shops, food and beverage, and other service outlets.

Learning and edutainment facilities, cultural and social amenities, multiple marketplaces, a science museum, and offices will also grace the landscape. 

The project will include three buildings with a total gross floor area of around 211,000 square metres.

"It's an ingenious layout, allowing visitors to transition seamlessly from a bustling cityscape to the tranquillity of a vast forest at the edge, offering a fulfilling journey from urban chaos to the natural environment," she said.

It will also be a fulfilling journey from a busy urban environment to an extraordinary natural setting. This new-themed destination of happiness will engage multiple generations with diverse activities.

One of the most critical functions of the Happitat is to act as a vibrant hub for The Forestias community and its multiple components and residential projects, as well as for visitors from outside of the development, she said.

"Storied Place also oversees other projects, including the Cloud 11 creator hub in South Sukhumvit, The Strand Thonglor, Whizdom COEX Pinklao, and other upcoming projects," said Ms Orada.

Ms Orada has extensive experience in real estate, including managing Southeast Asia's largest shopping centre for over ten years and running luxury malls in Thailand's top international tourist cities.

She said MQDC is a leading property developer that innovates for the sustainable well-being of all life, designing and building residential projects under the 

concept of "Pioneering in Sustain-novation for All Well-Being" for the happiness and well-being of all life.

It develops residential, theme, and mixed-use projects under the brands Magnolias, Whizdom, The Aspen Tree, Mulberry Grove, and The Forestias. Projects must meet stringent standards and come with a 30-year warranty, emblematic of their exceptional quality.

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